Libra Birthstone

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There are two primary birthstones for Libra Tourmaline and Opal. Depending on your vision you can pick any of them. We just want to provide you the most exhaustive date about both of them to assist with your choice.

Libra Birthstone can help with a better understanding between partners, which could lead into a healthier marriage. Libras have natural leadership qualities and this stone will only enhance that.

It is said to be beneficial for relationships in general since it encourages the owner’s ability to communicate clearly without creating unnecessary conflict or discord among peers as well as family members! The gemstone of Love…The Stone would aid you in all forms communications – from speaking your heart out, expressing yourself through writing and reading etc. It is also great for public speakers because it enhances the owners ability to communicate clearly with an audience without any hesitation or fears.

It has a power which brings luck in gambling games like poker as well as casino industry since this stone will only enhance its owner’ capabilities. It can also help you succeed when starting up your new business and increase the level of trust among coworkers, family members even if they are strangers!

Libra Birthstone helps to attract people who have a positive influence on our lives. By the way, this Gem is believed that it will bring luck in Gambling Games like poker as well as casinos.

Libra Birthstone Tourmaline

Tourmalines are birthstones for Libra zodiac sign and the month of October. Libras can wear this gem as their personal jewelry because it helps them to be creative and imaginative in love life, family relations or business partnerships with others people. It also gives positive energy to your relationships when you feel a bit lonely at times.

Tourmaline symbolizes friendship among Libras who are known as one of the most amicable signs due to their easy going nature and outgoing personality that they want everybody around them be happy or satisfied with what surrounds him/her, so it also fits this sign well.

As a birthstone for Libra Zodiac Signs that has their ruling planet Venus associated to it so naturally they love luxury, beauty which is why this gem symbolizes these qualities in them because Tourmalines are among the most beautiful gems on earth with many unique colors such as red and green.

October birthstones have got some traits that fit Libras very well since they both share a lot of similar characteristics especially due to their air sign nature, for example October Birthing Stones are known by its shining qualities in the world while also being among gemstone’s most popular types with tourmaline having two major categories such as rubellite which is red and Paraiba Tourmaline that has a bright blue color.

Tourmalines colors can range from orange, brownish yellow or green to purple depending on its composition since the latter one belongs more towards violet spectrum of light in comparison with other gems that come closer to indigo shade such as sapphire and ruby gemstones.

The Libras' stone tourmaline signifies wisdom and integrity in friendship; it symbolizes truthfulness of speech, purity of heart, constancy or fidelity to duty - all virtues belonging specially to its classifications among gems, as well as a number of other meanings depending upon where the stone is located on your zodiac sign.

The Libra gemstones are known as precious stones because they have been used for their beauty and natural glowing qualities to be set into jewelry such as rings, necklaces etcetera by the ancient Egyptians (among others) - though nowadays it is more like a luxury item rather than an everyday wear-and-tear kind of stone.

As far back in time Libra's gemstones are found to have been used as jewelry, the earliest known example being around 300 BC where there were references made by Pliny and Ptolemy; however it is also widely thought that tourmaline has had its origins from India (around AD 16th century) since it was commonly found in a variety of colors within one gemstone.

The Libra Gemstones are known as being the most effective for use on all zodiac signs, though they do have slight variations depending upon their location and color variation: green tourmaline is best suited to Cancer; pink/reddish-pink is favored by Leo while yellow is more appropriate for Virgo's birthstones.

Libra Birthstone Opal

Libras are said to be one among the luckiest signs in astrology. The Libras will find their birthstones to be the most harmonious of them all. This stone signifies balance, beauty and spirituality – just like a libra! Pink opals are said to increase mental clarity and help bring about peace in relationships between partners (so they say). You can read more on this here.

Libra is the 7th of thirteen zodiac signs, with its birthstone being an Opal. The opals have a long history that dates back to Ancient Rome and Egyptian times where it was believed by the Romans (and still do) as having mystical powers in relation to spirituality & beauty.

Ever since ancient myths were written Libra Zodiac signs are known for being able to create peace between people. They can also be seen as charming, sociable and witty but at times they have a tendency of giving mixed signals when it comes to relationships.

Libra Birthstone is an Opal gemstone that represents Beauty and Love. Libra Zodiac sign born between September 23rd (Autumn) to October 21st (Fall). People under this Star Sign are very beautiful, artistic persons who love peaceful & quiet lives as long as there’s some romance in it. The people from zodiacal signs Libra and Virgo share the same element i.e., air; they also have compatible personality traits such as being versatile with great communication skills that are often used for good purposes to make peace between enemies & resolving disputes among two warring parties which is one of their strong suites in life, but can be overused at times when it makes them look like an easy target.

Scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects on the eyes as well, Libra Opal gemstone helps in prevention & treatment against eye diseases such as cataracts and glaucoma that are usually caused by stressful conditions associated with people born under zodiac sign of Leo.

This stone belongs from Australia and they can give a pure white effect, which is considered as one the best stones for wearing in jewelry pieces made with silver and gold metals. Opal gemstone holds its own special properties related to healing powers; it has an ability to spread joyfulness around you by boosting your energy levels day after day when worn on your wrists or fingers, even if the stone is transparent in colouration at first sight!

Opal gemstone can increase the owner’s ability to communicate with others and give a higher self-esteem. This is the stone of communication! This Gemstone will aid you in all forms communications – from speaking your heart out clearly and articulately; through writing and reading as well as verbal expression is an excellent tool for public speakers.

Why Tourmaline & Opal were chosen as a primary birthstone for Libra?

Because of their beauty and the fact that they are unique to each stone. The gemstones have been used in jewelry since ancient times, but always held some degree or respect due largely to its ability to make one look younger than he really is! In truth these stones were never meant for use as a birthstone; however their vivid colors made them an obvious choice.

As far back in time (400BCE) the constellations and signs of zodiac have been used to predict events, such is our innate fascination with astronomy! The Zodiacal Signs originated as a way for us to describe where stars are located at any given moment. Each star belongs to one or more Constellations which were named after figures from mythology and/or the Bible...such was life in those days, before we had names of things that make sense!

Today astrology is still used as an aid for predicting events but its use has been expanded to include other uses. As a tool for divination (foretelling or prophesying) Astrocartography may be used in combination with Numerology, Tarot cards and even rune stones can all have their place when trying to understand what is going on around us - the Zodiac Signs included!

Therefore it seems fair that these signs should also give an indication as to which gemstones are best for those born under them. Each sign is associated with a particular stone and thereafter some of them have two birth stones (corresponding to the second half) while October gets both Tourmaline and Opal!

As you may know Tourmaline comes in many different colors including; red, pink/purple & blue. Its hardness is 7-7.5 on Mohs scale of Hardness which makes it very durable and perfect for use as jewelry stones (it's quite a bit harder than diamond!). Tourmaline was discovered in Brazil around the year 1802, though its origin has never been fully established due to many different sources being identified.

Opal is found on most continents except Antartica and also comes from several regions such as Australia/New Zealand; Opal is the gemstone for October, birth month or zodiac sign of Scorpio and Libra if they were born after 12pm GMT on their respective dates!

The history of Tourmaline & Opal

The history of Tourmaline

The history of Tourmaline can be traced back to the 16th century when it was first discovered by a Portuguese sailor named Pedro da Costa. His original discovery took place in Sri Lanka, where he found green and blue gems that were so striking they immediately caught his eye! Since then tourmalines have gained popularity among gem collectors due to their unique properties as well as the breathtaking array of colors available within them (emerald-green being one of our favorites).

Brazil, Africa & Zimbabwe are some hotspots that still produce this stone in large quantities. In addition there have been many other finds throughout history including places like Afghanistan and Tanzania where tourmaline gems were unearthed among precious emeralds! The name Tourmaline derives from the Greek word "turmolon," which means something to do with fire, as in embers. Today these gemstones are still found near volcanoes or lava flows due their association wit fiery properties such as heat resistance and magnetism.

Mozambique is currently one of world's most significant sources for this stone (the largest being just under 20 carats) with colors ranging from violet blue, dark red/black, yellowish green to the standard emerald hue! The gemstone has also been found in Sri Lanka and Nigeria. A number of Brazilian mines have produced tourmaline crystals that weigh upwards of 30 tons each!

It is one of nature's most varied and multicolored stones - even a single crystal can be found in several colors!

Tourmalines are available at many places throughout our country: Africa (Ethiopia), Brazil, India, Afghanistan or Madagascar. Tourmaline gems were mined for the first time 20 years ago near Wawa Lake Ontario Canada where they discovered a diamond mine with hundreds of gem-grade tourmalines in it!

Tourmaline are an amazing family and their colors vary from clear through to yellow, pinkish reds (rose), violet/blue color variations. The crystal formations that give the stones many colored layers is what makes Tourmaline so unique and beautiful!

History of Opal

The history of Opal gemstone goes back to the 12th century, when it was first discovered in a mine near present day Botswana. It got its name as "opalus" from an ancient Greek word which means 'precious stone'. Since then, this prettily colored semiprecious mineral has found use not only for ornamental purposes but also therapeutically and spiritually to people who believe in the power of gemstones. It is believed that it can improve eyesight as well as strengthen one's faith; hence its value among believers all over the world.

Opal has been used by many cultures for a very long time due to its wide range of colors, which make them quite attractive and interesting when cut into gems or fashioned in jewelry pieces such as rings, earrings and necklaces . It is widely known because it comes out in different shades ranging from transparent through translucent; however the only gemstones to be considered precious opal are those with a vivid play of colors.

Opal was once believed by many people that if used as jewelry or ornaments, they can protect them against misfortune and envy; therefore it is commonly known to have been worn in amulets for protection from witchcraft. This led its use being popularly associated with the Roman goddess of sorcery - Fortuna, which was also considered as an omnipotent power.

The precious gemstone has always had a special place among people who believe that it can enhance their faith and give them good luck, thus making them more confident in themselves. This is why even up to this day there are still many believers of its magical abilities, including the Australian Aborigines.

The name "opal" originated from an ancient Greek word which means precious stone; however it was only used for water opals when first discovered by a Roman soldier in 10 BCE who brought this gemstone back to Rome together with some African slaves. In his time, many people believed that the soldiers were carrying valuable treasures such as riches and jewels which could make them wealthy; hence they began calling it 'precious stone'.

The word has also been derived from a Sanskrit language term - upala, or ‘Upaka’ meaning "water" or to denote its color .

Opal has always been regarded as sacred stones throughout history; it is said that Ptolemy (Greek philosopher) believed them to be connected with light and were also considered by Romans when worn at festivities could give protection from harm! The word Opal in Greek means “precious stone” but was called Jadis which meant ‘water’.

It has been widely used for decorative purpose since Ancient times, especially as jewelry to make it look more radiant and shiny; however the first evidence of opals being worn by men is found only in 17th century!

Opal and Tourmaline in the mythology

Opal in the mythology

Opal’s unique color shifts and optical effects have captivated mankind since prehistoric times. Throughout the ages, many cultures believed that opals were capable of bestowing great strength or possessing magical properties; including visionary powers. In ancient Egypt it was said to protect its wearer from snakebites and other physical injuries. Opal’s unique color shifts have been attributed with a variety of traits. Accordingly, the stone has long held great cultural significance throughout Europe, Asia, Africa (primarily North African countries), Australia, Russia, United States and New Zealand.

In Greek mythology, Persephone was abducted by Pluto in a chariot drawn by wing-footed steeds. In their flight they stopped at the cave of Protesilaus wherein hung his wife’s girdle and belt (these being sacred to Demeter). As he gazes upon her, she turns into an opal stone.

In ancient Egyptian mythology a young man named Oppalus fell in love with one of King Psammetichus' daughters. To protect his identity, the girl’s father gave him an Opals necklace and told to give it as gift to his beloved when he next came by her palace.

Another version tells that after being stabbed in the heart with a poisoned arrow Aphrodite (Greek goddess of love) was taken into Olympus. There, she had been laid on Zeuxis’ bed wherein his wife Periboea saw her and immediately fell madly for Hades to whom he gave an opals necklace so that whoever wore it would never forget him.

In the Bible Solomon is believed to have used a magical blue opal stone from Ethiopia, engraved with God’s name. This stone was said to be able to grant its wearer wisdom and knowledge of all things. Aside that it seems also to help one achieve greatness in the eyes of others.

In Japan legend has an opal necklace given by a goddess (Amaterasu) as protection from evil spirits.

Opal, along with diamonds have been mentioned as among the precious stones. It is a very old gemstone having been found even before 1500 BCE; however it was not seen on sale until almost at least one millennia later (around CE8-9). Opal has been used by people since ancient times because of its beauty and interesting nature, but also due to the legend that says “it will bring fortune”. It is believed today as well.

In Egyptian mythology it was known as water gemstone; this name comes from Greek word opalous (water), which means a stone that resembles drops of water, like rainbows and rippling waters are seen upon the surface. It is believed to have been discovered by Anubis himself who brought its beauty before goddess Isis' eyes; later on it became associated with her because she was “the mistress” (water).

Egyptian papyri of 1500 BCE show how opal used in funeral ceremonies, being considered a gemstone that would provide water for the dead. In this context we can see also why ancient Egyptians associated it with Isis: according to them she had provided Nile River waters for her people; hence they believed its beauty will bring fortunes and blessings upon their land too!

Cleopatra’s eyes were said to be made of opal by Socrates. This was because the beautiful Egyptian queen used kohl (black powder) underneath them, which resembles black onyx stone that has been commonly worn in ancient times as a beauty accessory!

Opal is connected with Isis and Nile River water: hence its use for funerals. In fact it was found among the burial objects of pharaohs. It used to be placed near their hearts, but not on them; this way Egyptians were sure that after death they will have sufficient supplies from waters!

“The opal is an emblematic stone belonging either to Isis or Horus” (Tillander) it was a favorite gemstone of Cleopatra who used black kohl underneath her eyes.

Tourmaline in Mythology

Tourmaline gemstone in the mythology of ancient Scandinavia, was a magical stone that could grant immortality and eternal youth. In Norse Myths: Tales Of The Vikings tells how Odin himself rode on Sleipnir to win wisdom at Yggdrasil's Wellspring while drinking from the sacred vessel of life - or else he must die! A beautifully illustrated mythical tale for young readers.

Tourmaline gemstone in the mythology of Sumerian, an ancient civilization located in what is now Iraq. The term was derived from their names for these stones: turma/tura ("crown") and lil (mineral), which refers to its resemblance with emeralds as well as other green gemstones such as jadeite or serpentine). Terminologically, the Sumerians called them “green stone.”

In Mesopotamian artwork they are frequently represented in pairs: one representing wisdom and learning (turma) while another represents warrior-ship.

Egypt Tourmalines were referred as the stones that symbolizes hope; hence it was believed could protect sailors from shipwreck during stormy weather if worn around one’s neck or carried in a bag for protection. However there is no historical evidence supporting this claim since most likely these stones were simply sold to traders who transported them across the Mediterranean Sea as gemstones of choice due to their attractive emerald-like appearance and durability, especially when compared with diamonds which are also popular throughout history but not for protection or luck.

The earliest tourmaline pieces found in Europe date back from 1804 BC (Neolithic Period) unearthed at the archaeological site of Catalhoyuk Cave near Ankara, Turkey where it was engraved on a vase and later used as ornaments for necklaces.

The earliest tourmaline artifacts discovered in North America were found by archeologists from University College London (UCL) at the Pre-Clovis site of Bluefish Cave near Eunice, New Mexico; they include engravings on stone gouged pieces dated to 13.6 thousand years ago and tormaline ornaments used as beads dated about 7050 BC that were later found in a cave at Ft. Tuthill (AZ) where it was believed the Turin Mummy, also called Otzi Iceman originated from; he is one of only three human bodies to have been preserved for over five thousand years by freezing after being struck and killed during his flight while escaping his attackers in what has now become modern Austria.

Magical virtues of Tourmaline and Opal gemstones

Magical virtues of Tourmaline

Tourmalines are available in a variety of colors, from green to red. The most prized color is the intense deep blue-black that makes up 85% of all tourmalines mined globally. This particular gemstone has been used since time immemorial for its beauty and mystical powers! Tourmaline was even referred as “a diamond from India” by jewelers centuries ago, when it could not be found in Europe at the time. However, this is only one of several legends surrounding tourmalines.

In Brazilian Indian lore crystal-clear Tourmalines are said to have fallen down as rain drops from heaven; whereas dark ones were formed by melting clouds during lightening storms.

In India the gemstone was called ‘Turamalli’, which translates into “a stone that comes out of nowhere” or "it appears suddenly". This name derives directly from its crystal-clear coloring and transparent properties.

The Brazilian Indians considered tourmaline to be a good luck charm; in the Amazon's region these gemstones were worn around necklaces for protection against snakes, pumas or alligators! In North America Native Americans also wore turquoise as amulets believing it could save them from death and even bring their spirits back after they had died.

Known to the Tibetans since early times tourmalines have been worn for protection against evil, black magic or sorcery. In other parts of Asia like India people still believe that Tourmalines can protect children and babies when placed around them in necklaces!. Even today you will find numerous websites claiming to be able buy a mystical stone with healing powers.

So here is the deal about these “magic” crystals: Crystal-clear ones were considered by many cultures as sacred stones due to their clear and transparent colors. In fact, the Tourmaline name translates directly from Sanskrit into “a gem that comes out of nowhere”, which refers exactly how light gets through them! This is also why they are called “Stone-of-the-Mind” by many cultures.

Magical virtues of Opal

Opal is a stone that connects with all planets in astrology. The reason for this, the stone has healing and magic abilities due to its unique optical effect known as ‘playing’ which occurs when it is turned around so light can pass through twice from different directions at once (hence the play).

Opal also allows one vision into other planets: Jupiter – brings wealth and abundance, Mars -warrior energy; Saturn-greater understanding of time. The moonstone gives strength during dark nights & times in ones life as well as protection from enemies or people with malicious intentions towards you. Moonstones are also used for emotional healing due to its association w/ the feminine side ie: women’s mysteries, intuition and dreaming.

The stone is associated w/ water elementals such has mermaids (oceanic) & nymphs (land based). This makes opal a great gemstone for using in divination rites. The reason this works because of the nature of its crystal lattice structure, which allows light to pass through it twice from different directions at once, thus allowing visions into other realms or places when gazed upon.

This stone can also be used as an amulet against evil thoughts and spells cast by those who would do you harm. This is because the opal has such a bright shiny surface that allows one to look deeply within themselves w/o fearing judgement from others, which in turn makes it difficult for people with malicious intentions towards them -which gives strength during dark nights & times in their life.

Opal can also protect against ‘evil’ magical attacks by its strong connection to the higher realms. It is said that if one were able to gaze upon an opal moonstone at full moons, it would allow you access into a different plain of existence – whether or not this ability has been proven in scientific circles I don't know but what i do know from personal experience when using the stone for divination purposes is true.

When wearing jewelry made with opal crystal, if one were to get knocked over they would only sustain a minor bruise on their skin which would be all that was needed due it its healing power.

#### Symbolism of Opal

Opal is the stone that symbolizes love, happiness and faithfulness. It inspires hope; increases spirituality, intuition, confidence, creativity & self-esteem! When opals are set in jewelry (rings or pendants), they promote loyalty to others by opening one's heart so as to have a greater understanding of the feelings and emotions that surround them. It is also said to bring good fortune, love at first sight & increase fertility for women!

Opal symbolizes unconditional Love (like-love) which in its purest form brings you closer together with your loved ones as opposed to a more conditional version of "friendship" or "parental". The deeper the blue colouring within an Opals structure, then it is said that this represents greater happiness!

It also increases intuition and awareness: enhancing our ability & increasing clarity. It opens up your psychic powers/intuitions to help you see beyond appearances into what really exists in life; whether people or things - giving us the courage we need for times of crisis, uncertainty etc as it strengthens beliefs and faith!

The deeper blue colouring within Opals is said to signify greater happiness: "Blue = love at first sight". I

t symbolizes unconditional Love (like-love) which in its purest form brings you closer together with your loved ones. As opposed to a more conditional version of friendships and parental, the deeper blue colouring within Opals represents this increased bond!

Ancient Egyptians believe that they were blessed by Isis when she gave them her tears - giving us an understanding on why we love crystalline gems so much. Their symbolism is one which has always stood out for me; and as such I have used many of these stones in my work!

Opal was the stone of choice to be set within Cleopatra's magnificent necklace, earrings & bracelets worn during her final hours before she met a sad demise. This beautiful gemstone has also been associated with love at first sight - increasing your ability for intuition; awareness and opening up ones inner psychic powers!

It is believed that the stone was given to Cleopatra by Isis herself as part of Egypt's rich history, which I will be writing more about in later blog posts.

Healing properties of Tourmaline & Opal

Healing properties of Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a mineral found on earth that has many healing properties like helping to strengthen the immune system, purifying water amongst others.

It's name comes from Sinhalese words turamali or "stone with mixed colors" (as it can be blue-green in different combinations) and its crystal structure is classified as trigonal which has three sides that meet at a single point forming six sided star shaped triangular prisms. It's also known to emit negative ions, making this mineral very beneficial for asthma sufferers.

Tourmaline stones have an amazing ability: they can protect people who wear them or keep them near themselves (in a house for instance) against negative influences from outside. They are able to absorb and transform all kinds of dark energies which surround us today on this planet, so if you want some protection just buy yourself one!

Tourmalines have been associated with different cultures since ancient times: the Indians were known as “those who wear turquoise” while Chinese referred to them by their name tourmalet (tou-mang) for they knew that it was a mineral which protects against evil and illness.

The healing powers of Tourmalines are quite numerous due mainly the fact that this stone is capable to absorb negative energies from outside world, but also because its energy can be used on any kind of organic matter: plants (it helps them recover faster when damaged), animals or even people who suffer various kinds of diseases.

Since ancient times Tourmalines were famous for their healing powers in China where the best specimens have always been found. Today tourmaline is mined everywhere on earth but especially in Brazil (Minas Gerais), Africa or Madagascar.

Tourmaline can be worn either around your neck using a chain made of the same mineral stone such that it touches you throughout most parts of day, so as to protect yourself against negative influences from outside world; they are also known for healing various diseases and illness in people who suffer them (such as cancer or nervous system problems).

Healing properties of Opal

Healing properties of Opal are very much like those of Diamond, but with some exceptions. For one thing the healer is usually not as focused on a specific issue or condition such as cancer in diamonds (where it is known to be effective) and rather chooses instead from broad spectrum effects that will address many health issues at once…

For example Opal’s ability to protect against accidents, injuries & falls. It can also help us avoid negativity around negative people who drain our energy; improve concentration abilities in studies or work (think of it as a “study stone”); bring about good fortune and/or wealth gains…

It is one gemstone that has gained the reputation to be able to predict future events. However, this ability may not always come from within its natural state but can also depend upon how much care was taken during faceting of such a stone; thus it should never (under any circumstances) have been heated! Otherwise Opal will lose most if not all of the mentioned qualities…

Opal, also known as the “Queen Stone”, is a gemstone that has great magical powers. Its name comes from Greek and means ”precious stone”. The Greeks were so impressed by its beauty that it was used to decorate temples dedicated to their goddess Athena in all her cities!

In ancient times, opal was considered as the eighth gemstone of the zodiac calendar. It is a predisposition for those born between October 23 and November 21 (in astrology). In fact it represents love: its magical power allows to attract people in order to strengthen their couple or find an ideal partner! This stone also brings good luck but notably increases the joy of life…

Opal is a gemstone that has very strong healing properties. Indeed, this crystal can improve your mood by bringing you happiness and optimism since it balances positive energy. Opal allows to attract what we need in our lives: love or money! In fact opals are great “attractors” of lucky energies…

Opal is a stone that works on the nervous system (it has been used as an antidepressant). Indeed, it brings emotional stability and happiness by allowing to eliminate anxieties. It allows you to be more optimistic than normal! Opals are great stones for those who have had problems in their past…

Opal is also a stone that works on the nervous system (it has been used as an antidepressant). Indeed it brings emotional stability and happiness by allowing to eliminate anxieties. It allows you to be more optimistic than normal! Opals are great stones for those who have had problems in their past: they will help them let go of the painful events, thus being able again fully enjoy life…

Opal is also a stone that works on your sexuality because it increases lust and desire. It allows to overcome shyness when faced with another person (in sex). This gemstone makes you feel sexy! Opals are great stones for those who have problems in their relationships: they will help them let go of the past, thus being able again fully enjoy life…

Finally opal is a stone that works on your heart. It allows to overcome fears and blockages regarding love (because it makes you less attached).

What virtues Tourmaline and Opal give its wearer?

What virtues Tourmaline gives its wearer?

The tourmalines are the stones of friendship. They teach us to be faithful and sincere in our friendships; they will bring us new friends, but only if we have been honest with those that were already around us! Also it helps when you want people’s confidence: try giving someone a nice stone instead than asking them directly about something important?

The tourmalines are also stones of love. They make sure your partner loves you and they will bring new people into our life to find the right one, but only if we have been honest with those that were already around us! Also it helps when you want their confidence: try giving someone a nice stone instead than asking them directly about something important?

The tourmalines are also stones of luck. They give good fortune in any case and they help to overcome difficulties thanks to the magic power hidden behind this gemstone, but only if we have been honest with those that were already around us! Also it helps when you want their confidence: try giving someone a nice stone instead than asking them directly about something important?

What virtues Opal gives its wearer?

Opal is a stone of protection. It deflects negativity and heals from the inside out, stimulating self-healing powers in its owner while improving mental clarity & balancing spiritual energies to bring harmony into your life.

Opal is the stone of optimism, happiness and good fortune. It can give you a great deal when it comes to lucky charms! This gemstone symbolizes innocence. Its transparent water-like appearance also inspires trustworthiness and openness in people who are wearing this precious jewelry piece. Opal is an incredibly unique stone with many different colors, shades of hues (from pale green to bright blue) that have been created by nature through a phenomenon called opalescence which causes the gemstone’s surfaces and interior layering in its crystal structure to flash brilliant multi-colored lights when light strikes it at an angle.

The stone is said to increase intuition, psychic abilities, clairvoyance or even visions (these are known as “third eye”). It can also enhances one’s imagination and creativity levels! If you have a passion for writing poetry perhaps opal will be your lucky charm in that endeavor.

Wearing this stone is said to increase confidence, optimism and self-esteem while enhancing the ability of an individual who wears it because its transparent appearance also inspires trustworthiness (this gemstone symbolizes innocence).

What is Libra Zodiac Sign?

Libra is the seventh astrological sign in the zodiac, represented by the scales. It is an air sign and is associated with balance, harmony, and symmetry. Libras are ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money. They are aesthetes of the zodiac and adore high art, intellectualism, and connoisseurship. Libras strive to create equilibrium in all areas of life and are obsessed with symmetry. They make excellent designers, decorators, art critics, and stylists.

In astrology, Libra governs the period from about September 22 to about October 23. The symbol of the scales is based on the Scales of Justice held by Astraea, the Roman goddess of justice. According to Manilius, Roman judges are born under the sign of Libra. The Moon was said to be in Libra when Rome was founded.

Libras are compassionate and empathetic people who dislike conflict and avoid confrontations. They are willing to go out of their way to help others. In love and friendship, they value harmony and balance above all else. They are visionaries who constantly generate new strategies for success.

Who is Libra Personality?

Libra personalities are the most sociable, charismatic and outgoing of all 12 zodiac signs. They crave a good time at parties or social gatherings where they can shine under lights like fireflies that attract attention from others with their sparkling personality traits – which is why Libra’s are called ‘the sign of the scales.’

Libras have an incredibly strong urge to communicate and relate, interacting socially in groups or one on one. They can be very indecisive though so they need a lot of help from others about what to do with their lives as well as who will accompany them along this journey – that is why Libra’s are called ‘the sign which represents peaceful co-existence.’

As long as everyone gets their due, then everything can be settled amicably between opposing parties. They try hard not only to get others onboard but also to please themselves too so they need a lot of personal space and time away from people if that is what makes them happy – which explains why Libra’s are called ‘the sign for peaceful coexistence.’

Because their outgoing nature can at times be misconstrued as being vain or selfish, it takes some effort to know where they really stand. It may seem hard but this sign is very romantic and sensual that most people want them in one way of another – which explains why Libra’s are called ‘the sexually-charged lovers.’

What planet rules Libra Personality?

The sunny, diplomatic and charming people born under this zodiac sign are ruled by Venus. This heavenly body has a strong influence on the personalities of these natives making them attractive to others as they love socializing with family members and friends around dinner tables or at parties enjoying some light music and good company’s conversation, thus being one of their favorite pastimes.

These individuals are very attentive listeners who like things done decently so if you want these people's undivided attention give them something to talk about.

They hate confrontation issues that is why they prefer avoiding it at all cost and tend to make peace with the persons involved in order not to lose their friendship which is one of most treasured aspects for Libra born individuals as there are very few people who can get through these social butterflies' heart.

Libras are known by many others around them due to their charismatic and magnetic personalities that makes everyone they meet feel like meeting a long lost friend since the first time you interact with one of this signs, thus making it pretty hard for someone not having any idea about Libra characteristics or traits whatsoever.

It is very rare when these social butterflies fall in love as most prefer to make sure that their partners have same interests and personalities before committing themselves to them since they like spending some time together discovering one another first; thus you will not meet any of Libras' mates till the couple already knows each other for a considerable amount of years.

You can always distinguish these people from others by looking at their hands as most have long, slender fingers that look delicate and elegant like it was done specially to complement them with such perfect features since they are born under one of prettiest zodiac signs making everything around you looks even more attractive.

Due to Libra's high sensitivity which makes these natives very aware about their surroundings, they become good listeners if not the best friends who have unlimited patience for people that make them laugh loudly with all of this planetary qualities making those born under Libras among most popular and sought after personalities around.

These individuals are also known to be a little lazy but extremely talented in terms of business, music as well as art due to Venus ruling over their signs.

What are the strengths of Libra personalities?

If you had to describe a typical Libras what would be some characteristics they have that makes them stand out from all other zodiac signs? They are born leaders, often referred to as the 'born' leader of a group in which they were involved with early on i their life (as opposed to someone who was always interested and studied leadership). Libras also have an innate sense for justice.

As with all zodiac signs there are both positive traits of Libras as well some not so attractive points.

  • Libras are born leaders (or were in the beginning). They're strong willed and have an innate sense for justice, fact they can be quite a 'judge'. In many ways being a Libra is like getting two signs rolled into one! That means that you share both good traits AND bad characteristics.
  • Libras are diplomats who want peace between people and nations (they also love the arts). They hate quarreling or any kind of arguing...especially over little things!!! A Libra will try to make sure there is no conflict in their lives, so that they can concentrate on more constructive goals.
  • You'll find it hard for them NOT TO BE DIPLOMATS because you ancient times Libras were associated with a 'peace loving goddess', one of the two symbols or signs used to be.

The average Libra is always ready for compromise but this doesn't mean that they will give up on their values. Compromising means to them a way of making peace in the midst of disagreement.

Some people are not used to being alone and may feel lonely or isolated at times, especially if others around do NOT match your style! This is where you must have courage – it’s when we feel most vulnerable that true growth comes about. Sometimes all by yourself can make a world of difference… You will never be able to achieve great things unless everyone involved works together in harmony!.

What are some common weaknesses of Libra personalities?

Libras tend to be good-natured, loyal and kind. They also can have a tendency toward indecisiveness due in part because they're sensitive and like pleasing others so much that it sometimes takes them forever to make up their minds about something -- even if this thing is very important!

Libras tend not only to be good-looking people, but generally are great conversationalists who can always find a common thread for conversation with just anyone. They're also capable of maintaining friendships that last long after the honeymoon period fades away -- which makes them perfect candidates as friends and confidantes alike!

The most obvious weakness is their tendency to please others, which can lead them into situations where they aren’t being themselves. Another problem with this zodiac sign comes from the fact that it has two faces; one positive and constructive side — represented by Venus (the planet of love) — and a second negative face, ruled over by Saturn.

Libras are often torn between these opposing sides: they want to be liked but also feel the need for independence; this creates problems when making decisions because no matter what choice is made, someone will probably not like it!

How can Libra personalities overcome their weaknesses?

Those born under this sign, with a tendency to be overly attached to things and people due its fixed quality (and therefore not able of adapting easily), are most likely facing some form of difficulty in relationships. This is caused by both Venus retrograde square Uranus transit at the time they were being conceived as well as Jupiter’s opposition, which made them more vulnerable than usual to upsetting circumstances and events that might occur during this period (and afterwards).

Taking into consideration all these astrological factors, we can explain why they are so strongly attached not only emotionally but also physically, mentally or financially to the things and people around them – be it their family members, children or even pets…

But what if you happen to meet a Libra native? How do these folks manage then in relationships with others (their partners)? I will try here of answering this question. It is important firstly however, for us all-to understand better the weaknesses/difficulties they are facing and why exactly so…

Making it short: Libra people have a great love at heart but unfortunately their over emotional nature (and Venus’ square to Uranus during conception time) might get in contact with someone who is not on same page as them. This can create many problems that may end up disrupting the relationship – due of course, either because one partner wants something else and cannot compromise or simply be unable for some other reasons (like those mentioned above).

So how to deal then? How do Libra people cope when facing difficulties in relationships with others? Here are a few things they should take into consideration:

To be able to make changes in our lives, we must first recognize ourselves. Firstly, let us try and understand this zodiac sign a little better: The symbolism of the scales is very rich. It makes reference not only to its ruling planet Venus but also represents justice with all it implies – which Libra would rather avoid at any cost!

Their biggest fear consists in losing control over their destiny, and yet they are often tempted by vanity… They want people around them who will admire what is most precious about themselves. However if this balance makes the scales go up to heaven, it can also make us drop into hell: Incapable of saying “no” when necessary!

Their worst traits include being indecisive and overly romantic – they even like to invent their own reality! They are often very sensitive but sometimes too fragile for their liking…. Their greatest asset is the ability that makes them unique, which lies in knowing how to take a stand against all odds: For example, if there’s one thing Libra men and women don’t like it‘s unpredictability!

It can be difficult at times but you should nevertheless try not to let your partner make too many concessions…. You also have another great asset that makes them unique – the power of negotiation, which they are very good with: As long as there’s an interest involved in their favor (like a new car for example) Libras will always be able to obtain what is important!

Libra needs harmony above all else. They have learned how to live by compromise and diplomacy; but the latter does not imply weakness since they are capable of achieving great heights thanks in part to their intelligence, which goes unrecognized at times… Their greatest asset consists of having a lively spirit that is both charmingly naive (or maybe just plain foolish?)!

In terms of relationships and love life Libras will need constant stimulation. They are so often the victims of boredom with their partner, which can then lead to them searching for other lovers… What they really want above all else is a faithful companion who knows how to anticipate what suits them best; but if this isn’t possible (in fact it will never be), why not try and surround yourself by admirers?

How does Libra personality behave in love and friendship?

Libras are known as the sign of harmony. They have a tendency to like everyone equally, which can make them seem aloof or indifferent when they do not know someone well enough yet - at least until you get closer into their hearts! In general Libra is very considerate in relationships and has an impressive ability to listen carefully without judging anyone for who he/she really are.

Such a strong, but peaceful nature makes them great friends that can be trusted with anything (and everything). They always have the best of intentions for their loved ones – if you happen to stumble into love triangle or jealousy situation though… Well! You'll know how fierce Libra is when it comes down to fairness.

Doing harmony: in general, they are excellent at handling any relationship (love and friendship). However because of their strong need for balance/harmony, it can also be a struggle if you happen into someone who likes the same person that interests them already – or worse; two people interested in each other.

How do Libra personalities behave in conflicts within a relationship?

They are very good at handling other people’s emotions. They are able to understand others, and know how they should be treated based on their personality traits/preferences; which helps them avoid conflict because it is never about themselves but instead the needs of another individual in question (as much as possible).

Even if an argument happens between two Libra people due to differences that they cannot resolve, you will still see a calm and composed demeanor from both parties. There really are no fiery debates or disagreements – rather, it is more like trying one’s best understanding of the other person in question so as to reach an agreeable solution.

Even if there were issues that need resolving between two Libra people (which should be a very rare thing), you will see both parties involved taking on what I would call ‘peaceful negotiations” with each one trying their best understanding of the other person in question so as to resolve any problem amicably.

Even if they disagree, there is still no nasty fight going – instead it looks like a calm and composed discussion between two people who have very good communication skills; and are able to understand where each one stands even when trying to differ with the other person’s viewpoint (which should be so rare).

What are some common traits of Libra personalities in friendships?

The most important thing about a friend is that he/she accepts you for whoever you really want to be. The second characteristic with this zodiac sign: if someone hurts or insult your friends intentionally it means s(he'll) never going in their direction again and they will hurt them back so hard that person regret what (s/He)'ve done to you.

They are also a very kind people who can do anything for anyone, but not only this: the most important thing about Libra personalities is accepting each other as we really like it or hate; nevertheless it'll be always good because they don't have the power of judging others...

Most Libras have a love for people, conversation and socializing generally – especially if those things involve beauty (physical or otherwise). They can be quite gregarious and charmingly persuasive in their quest for company but are not good at one-on-one relationships because they prefer to share themselves amongst many.