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Ruby is a birthstone for Cancer. Ruby is July’s Birth Stone and it also considered to be the stone of King Solomon in old stories from India, which means that its value has always been high among people who valued wealthy gemstones.

The colorless version (corundum) was popularly called “gadolinium”, named after a chemist Jöns Jacob Gahn or simply as spinel until 1806 when it became known by the name of its chemical composition ruby, from Latin: rubeus = red).

The ancient Sanskrit literature mentions rubies and corundum-stones in connection to Vedic India (Hindustan) – India’s mythology was based on precious stones that were found among people who lived there.

In the Bible too we can find a mention of ruby as one of twelve beryls, which is considered today by many scientists and historians being an error because it was written before the discovery of corundum – modern history started when Ruby gemstone came to be known under its own name after long centuries.

A lot about rubies has been lost over time due to war damage or natural disasters, but in 1783 a ruby from Burma weighed almost half-a ton and was valued at more than the weight of all diamonds that were ever mined since forever – it is believed today being worth between $40-$56 million.

The largest gem quality Ruby comes to about one hundred carats, but there are some stones up to 1289 grains weighing as much as three and a half pounds! One of the biggest Burmese rubies was sold at Sotheby’s auction for almost $65 million in Hong Kong.

Today is possible by using modern technology to make synthetic stones (glasses) that have similar colors, but it will never be as good and authentic than natural stone or sapphire gemstones because they are mined from earth just like diamond – these two gemstone families were discovered at the same time.

Ruby was one the first gemstones to be mined by humans 35 million+years ago, when our ancestors were mining a form of red sapphire that is not as transparent or brilliant but does have much more fire than any rubies we see today (these are known in gemology circles nowadays as "pigeon's blood" ruby).

Ruby is one of two birthstones for July (the other being Onyx), and was originally used in jewelry as far back as the ancient Egyptians, who cherished it so much they buried their dead with rubies to help them on into heaven.

Today's ruby gemstone came from India before any were mined anywhere else; until 1750 AD (over one hundred years after Columbus landed in America) when Burma was discovered and became the source for most of today’s best quality colored stones, both rubies as well as sapphires.

Ruby is the traditional birthstone color choice for Cancerians who were born July 23 -- August 19 (which includes Leo). In ancient times it took on a dual meaning to denote wealth and royalty in some cultures; ruby was also thought by many astrologers as being associated with passion, ambition.

Today's most expensive rubies are from Burma/Mogok which has been the source of world-renowned colored stones for centuries now--and is still known today as one of two places in this Earth where fine quality red corundum can be found (the other place being Afghanistan). The reason why it's so expensive at times, however depends on how you look a gemstone.

Why Ruby was chosen as primary birthstone for Cancer?

Why Ruby was chosen as primary birthstone for Cancer?

July Birthstones: The July is the month of fire and water, with a tendency to be fiery like flames. Fire signs such Aries (April) are bold in their actions while those born under Leo's sign tend towards charismatic behavior patterns. These characteristics make Cancerians perfect candidates for gems that exhibit both brilliance as well as intense heat and power - which explains why the birthstone of July, Ruby is a choice stone to be paired with this zodiacal month!

Ruby was chosen by GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) in 1937. In fact before that rubies were used since ancient times as talismanic gemstones for protection against evil and danger; its bright red color has always been associated to fire, strength & passion - all positive qualities of the fiery Leo!

Today Ruby is a highly desired stone in jewellery industry. Gemstone lovers around world prefer it as engagement ring or wedding band because ruby is considered one of hardest gemstones available on earth along with diamond and sapphire (corundum). This heat absorbing property makes rubies perfect for the darker skin tone people, due to which they appear reddish purple.

Most Rubys are found in Myanmar - Burma as red garnets; it is a common belief that all these crystals come from there and other areas like Africa & India may have been mined out! However it was also discovered recently in Madagascar, Mozambique (Africa) which has produced huge amount of ruby specimens.

Nearly 90% Rubies are heat treated to enhance their intensity and color purity but this process is done only with the rubys that fail laboratory grading tests; those who qualify for a D/E grade & above can be sold in natural unheated form! All ruby specimens (regardless of origin) exhibit unique characteristics such as inclusions, flaws or streaks which are an important part to judge quality and value.

Apart from Burma - Myanmar rubies also come from Sri Lanka & Madagascar along with other sources; if one buys untreated ruby specimens then it is advisable for the buyers.

The history and value of Ruby

The history of Ruby gemstone dates back to prehistoric times as early 600BC and is believed that it was first discovered by the natives in 1792. It was discovered in the mines at Monteux and it comes from Punjab region located between India, Pakistan & Afghanistan area where large deposits of corundum are found. The name ‘Ruby’ has been derived from Latin word – Rubeus meaning “Reddish”.

Later, with its beauty being appreciated worldwide nowadays this exotic stone comes from Africa’s western side- Kenya through Tanzania or Ethiopia where they dig up stones out of mines to make different colored gemstones and jewelry items by the use of heat treatment method using fire. Ruby is among those precious gems that have been widely used in all cultures since ages, be it from Ancient Egyptian civilization to Roman Empire or even Moguls where this stone was famous as ‘the king’s gemstone.’ This ruby variety has an evergreen hue and looks like a diamond.

Majority (over 80%) in the world is Ruby mined out at Mong Hsu district and Mogok Township, Kachin State located between Myanmar & China border. The mines are considered to be source of finest quality rubies with Burmese red color being regarded as most valuable after ‘Kashmir’s blue sapphire’.

Ruby gemstone is very well known for its fine and unique properties like hardness, brilliance (refraction), luster & refractive index due to which it can be faceted in a number of different shapes apart from the basic “cushion” shape used by other precious stone.

Ruby gemstone is classified into 3 categories – Natural Ruby i.e., Untreated, Heat Treatable and Thermal Rubies/Spinels (Irradiated). The main difference among these three types of rubys are their respective colors which vary from vivid red to a light yellowish pink hue or even black & blue in coloration.

Apart from its natural beauty Ruby is also popular for being one of the most valuable gems that people have used since ages due to their high economic value in terms of worthiness. In fact, it was once considered as more than ‘priceless’ gemstone by kings and queens worldwide but nowadays this stone costs somewhere between $120-368 per carat depending upon its clarity or color intensity which is why the price varies for different kinds of stones.

The most expensive variety in the list, Black Star rubellite can cost up to a whopping amount of around US$ 4579/carats that you might be able to get from certain sources worldwide but not easily since this stone only occurs once among every one hundred thousand carat samples found and hence it’s extremely rare. But even if the prices are high for Black Star rubellite gemstone, its value is still considered as a huge asset because of being highly prized by people everywhere especially India where they call Ruby ‘ratan.’

This stone can be easily recognized since in comparison to other ruby types their size looks quite small while the hue and color intensity varies.

The Red Star rubellite (Pigeon’s blood) is one among those expensive gems that are highly prized by people around the world for its high economic value, even though it costs up to US$1792/carat which might be possible from certain sources but if you wish to get this stone then prepare yourself because getting such a rare gemstone may cost you anywhere between $308-645 per carats depending upon their color intensity.

Ruby in the mythology

Ruby in the mythology of India is said to be a precious stone that grants its owner all desires. Ruby was worn as an amulet by Buddhist monks, who called it “Pitanga”, or simply ‘The Gem’.

This gemstone is known for protecting women and children from harmful influences of the world outside their home; they are also said to bring good luck & fortune into a woman's life.

According to legend rubies have always been worn by Kings: the first one who wore them would be invincible on battlefields! In fact ruby is still considered today a stone for courage, boldness and determination but also of energy.

Ruby in the ancient mythology was a red gemstone, and that's what gave it its name. Ruby is one of three gems named after an alchemical process called "adularization," which occurred to rubies when they were subjected to intense heat at high temperatures for extended periods. The other two are the sapphire (which has a similar adulteration process) and what's now known as spinel, although it was once referred to either by its original name "balas ruby" or “adularia”; this mineral wasn’t given that latter designator until 1829.

Both the sapphire (or corundum)and gem-quality rubies have long been used for jewelry, but they were so rare and valuable during ancient times -- as well was their adularization process expensive to produce--that most cultures didn't make them into necklaces. They did use the stones in other ways though: Egyptians made a bead-necklace using rubies for King Tut’s tomb, while the Greeks and Romans used sapphires as engraved seals or signets to impress wax onto letters.

In India's Kashmir region around 1206 AD there were two types of ruby mines: one in Pattan, which was for fine rubies; the other at Burzil near Srinagar where inferior quality stones could be found and made into jewelry with emerald or sapphire.

By contrast to India's Kashmir area where gemstones were so highly prized that they weren’t even used as necklaces, in China the "carbuncles" (as rubies have been called since ancient times) of Ceylon and Burma found their way into jewelry. The Chinese had long regarded ruby with great awe due to its color; it was thought that if you wore one around your neck or put on an amulet made from the stone, demons wouldn’t be able to hurt you anymore…because they were terrified of reds!

The carbuncle is also mentioned in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream as a gift for Titania (Queen Bottom) where it was presented with "garlands made by Daisy, Ophelia and Puck."

Magical virtues of the Ruby

Rubies are usually associated with beauty, love and passion. In addition to this property they have been said for centuries to hold a deep magical energy within them that is both protective & healing when properly invoked.

In astrology, ruby is associated with Sun Sign Leo. This stone was discovered in India and it symbolizes courage & power since long time ago (10th Century). In Hinduism – this is considered as a sacred red jewel that signifies strength like Brahma’s Vishnu or Shiva powers.

Ruby is found to have been worn by people for ages due to its positive energy, soothing effect and love magnetizing power in your body system! Its magical virtues are widely appreciated across the world from centuries; Ruby was considered as a powerful stone in ancient times & still it is believed that this gemstone helps human beings fulfill their life desires.

Ruby represents strength – whether physically, mentally or spiritually (either way). In Indian astrology if you are born on Leo Zodiac sign then there will be a strong chance of your birthday falling between 23rd July to the end date i..e., August Monthly. This is due to fact that this stone represents all attributes in its nature and as per Hindu mythology – it was worn by people for ages!

Ruby Stone Benefits: Ruby gemstone helps you stay on course & complete your life’s goals/desires (especially when they are very important or vital).

When we talk about ruby stone benefits then first comes to mind is this powerful red colored precious jewel. For centuries it has been regarded as a sacred item in India and for Indian Astrology followers – its magical virtues include enhancing strength like Brahma’s Vishnu or Shiva powers!

The gemstone helps in fulfilling all desires and life dreams; also provides courage & motivation for achieving them! Ruby is a precious stone that signifies strength since long time ago! According to Hindu Mythology it was worn by people due to its magical virtues. It represents positive energy, soothing effect and love magnetizing power in your body system which makes you feel energized & focused.

Healing properties of the Ruby

Increases courage. Enhances optimism and confidence, motivates one to action. Stimulant for creativity in all artistic endeavors from music making on upward.. Inspires ambition...stimulate sexuality...aids fertility and conception....Ruby is an excellent stone with which to develop a deep emotional connection between two people or increase love & attraction within marriage/relationship.

Benefits of Ruby in your life:

1.) Enhances self-confidence, courageousness (feminine energy) and the ability to be assertive when necessary...helps you not take yourself too seriously.. Ruby is a stone that will bring out femininity within one's personality. This can sometimes make women become overly emotional or sensitive in regard to their male partner but this should be viewed as beneficial for relationships rather than detracting from them. Ruby helps create lasting, stable marriage and partnerships.

2.) Ruby is a stone that stimulates sexuality. This gemstone has an excellent reputation with fertility. A ruby worn in the left ring finger will increase one's ability to conceive & birth children naturally as well it can assist conception through artificial insemination. It promotes happiness between partners.

3.) Ruby is a stone that increases wealth, abundance and prosperity. Ruby can help remove blockages from your life so you have more freedom in the material sense. This gemstone will stimulate & enhances all forms of artistic expression (music making/singing) as well it assists with self-expression through dance.

4.) Ruby is an excellent stone for those who wish to heal karmic past lives. The ruby promotes peace and harmony in the family, especially between parents. It will also bring out loveliness within your children. Ruby can enhance one's own creativity by stimulating a deep emotional connection with another person.

5.) Ruby is an excellent stone to have if you are wanting to become more successful financially. It encourages the achievement of goals and aspirations. Increases self-confidence, ambition & optimism. Ruby increases your ability in business affairs as well it promotes success with legal matters such as lawsuits or disputed contracts.

What virtues Ruby gives its wearer

Ruby is a stone that gives you courage to act. It makes the wearer brave and confident, which helps them in achieving their goals more effectively than others who are not wearing this gemstone! This precious stone also protects its owner from accidents as well as negative influences of other people. Ruby represents confidence needed by a leader while performing his/her duties towards progressive socialization among the masses, so that they can have bright future ahead in their life path and career.

It makes its owner self-reliant who then follows his or her heart without anyone's permission! Ruby represents a leader among the people around him/her so they are considered as natural born leaders, because of their charisma and confidence within themselves while dealing with others efficiently than other natives not wearing this stone. Wearing rubies make its owner bold enough to face any challenges in life ahead by his or her own efforts!

Ruby helps one who is undergoing through problems due to unfavorable stars, which he/she cannot overcome because of their weak and wavering nature caused owning lesser quality gems. Ruby enhances your courage that you need during times when things are not going as per plan; it makes the wearers able enough to fight against all odds so they can achieve success in life through strong will power! Wear this precious stone if want have confidence and determination within yourself, which help a person go ahead of his/her own efforts towards socialization among people.

Ruby is good for leadership qualities but it should be worn by wearing one lesser quality gems along with ruby so that its wearers can achieve success in life through strong will power! In spite of being the king gemstone, Ruby gives courage to act as a leader when needed without anyone’s permission. Wear this precious stone if you have confidence and determination within yourself which helps one go ahead his or her own efforts towards socialization among people.

Ruby makes its owner fearless while facing challenges in life caused by unfavorable stars; so it is recommended for those who are undergoing through such problems due to their weak nature! Ruby also gives courage when needed without anyone's permission and thus helps one go ahead with his/her own efforts towards socialization among the masses.

What is Cancer Zodiac Sign?

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Cancer. It spans from about June 22 to about July 22 and is represented by a crab.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign, which means that it is highly intuitive and emotionally sensitive. Cancers are known for their psychic abilities and their ability to exist in both emotional and material realms. They are domestically oriented and love to create cozy, safe spaces that serve as their personal sanctuaries.

People born under the Cancer zodiac sign are highly sensitive, deeply caring, and feel everything deeply. They do not like surprises and can be quite guarded until they get to know someone well. Cancers are lovers of change, often people who enjoy travel and who are best when living by a body of water since they are water signs after all.

They care deeply about their family and friends but can sometimes struggle to put themselves out there for fear of being hurt or humiliated by someone.

In astrology, each zodiac sign has its own strengths. For Cancers, these include being nurturing, empathetic, loyal, protective, intuitive, imaginative, and tenacious. However, they can also be moody, insecure, manipulative, passive-aggressive, and pessimistic at times.

Who is Cancer personality?

Cancer personality (June 21 - July 23) are among the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. They like to be in control, but will also let you take charge if they sense that's what your heart desires more than anything else on earth right now! If there is one thing Cancerians do not want from’ll probably be someone who tries and fails at things repeatedly over a long period of time.

Cancers are extremely sensitive to both touch & smell, but they prefer the company of others rather then spending hours alone in their rooms (even though it's where most Cancerians would like to spend their days). They may not look like your typical dreamboat-butterflies-flowers type; however when you are with a Crab personality, never underestimate them.

Cancer Personalities are ruled by the moon. They’re intuitive, sensitive and empathetic people with a strong desire to nurture those around them…and they have plenty of other traits! This guide will give you some idea on how this zodiac sign operates so that you can better understand your Cancerian partner or friend (as well as yourself if it’s applicable).

They love the past, and are nostalgic about their own history…but they don’t dwell too much. They simply enjoy revisiting those happy memories from time to time! As a general rule of thumb you can expect them to be moody at times – Cancer personalities feel things intensely so if something isn’t going well in one area, it could affect their entire mood and outlook for the day.

They make loyal partners but they do not tolerate betrayal very easily…so as long as you don’t step over that fine line of fidelity then your relationship should be easy-going! Cancer personalities are usually averse to change, so if their life becomes unstable in any way (such as job loss) it could cause them major anxiety.

They love cuddles and snuggly blankets – they’re very fond of hugging or touching others…and will often give you that “puppy dog” look whenever things are going well for your relationship! They can be a little stubborn at times so it might take some gentle nurturing from someone like yourself to get them back on track if they start feeling down.

What planet rules Cancer personality?

Cancer, ruled by the moon. Its glyph looks like two crescents joined at the base to form a C shape – which is what it resembles when seen from above; and its symbol is usually depicted with one horn higher than the other (as in this drawing). The crab’s head faces downwards, while Cancerian ascendant points upward. The moon rules on all levels of life: emotions/psychology & home…domestic matters such as cooking and cleanliness; memories or nostalgia etc., family relationships (motherhood) etc.; children, mother-inlaw relationship issues..

Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon it will rule all your houses of water in Astrology: 4th house – Home/family matters…4th lord rules its own Ascendant i.e., ruler of home & family’s ascendant; and so on for other Water signs, (Scorpio etc.).

In addition to the above, Cancer also has a connection with food, cooking or eating. In fact it is said that in ancient times these people were considered as those who can eat almost anything…in this sense their digestion was not very good and they had weak stomachs! So when you come across such horoscopes (where the native seems to have difficulty with food), don’t forget about Moon.

Astrologer Parasharji explains that Cancerians are highly sensitive people, who can be overly emotional at times….they also love their home and will work very hard for its comforts & luxuries; it is no surprise then to see the crab shell (as depicted) as one of his main symbols!

The moon rules on all levels: Cancerians are sensitive people, who can be overly emotional at times….they also love their home and will work very hard for its comforts & luxuries; it is no surprise then to see the crab shell (as depicted) as one of his main symbols!

What are the strengths of Cancer?

As a water sign, you have an almost magical ability to sway people’s emotions. You do not like conflict and will avoid it at all costs if possible; so this is one reason why people admire your diplomatic skills!

They do not usually have a lot of problems with their relationships. They always strive for stability and harmony in everything around them. Even if it means compromise or making concessions to others’ interests as long as everyone is happy in the end! It seems like Cancerian people are most comfortable when surrounded by family members, because they tend to be homebodies who prefer being indoors on a couch rather than going out and exploring new places.

One of their biggest strengths (and weaknesses!) is that they can be quite dependent! They love having people around them all the time as well, so if you are ever in need for someone to hold your hand during difficult times or simply want some company while watching a movie – Cancerian personality might just do it.

This sign also knows how to treat others with respect and appreciation; they tend to value their relationships above anything else! Because of that, people around them can rely on the fact that no matter what happens in life -they will always be there for you (even if not physically). I would say Cancerian personality makes a great friend – someone who is emotionally and financially reliable.

Even though they have some strong points concerning relationships, their biggest weakness might actually come from the very same place! Because of that need to be surrounded by people around them all the time– it can sometimes happen that Cancerian personalities try too hard with someone who is not ready for such an intense relationship. It seems like they are always trying soooo hard, but if you want some real advice about relationships – we’ve got it!

How do Cancer personality behave in love and friendship?

Cancers are not the most open-minded or flexible of all zodiac signs, but they will make an exception for a person who is dear to them. The best friends that you can have if you’re lucky enough (and good looking) might very well be Cancerian because no matter how many different people your partner meets with and kisses on the mouth in their quest for love or sex, they will always come home from dates talking only about YOU!

People with cancer as a dominant trait are very protective of themselves. They don’t like to reveal too much about their inner selves, so it is difficult for them to form friendships or relationships that go beyond the surface level. It can be frustrating at times when you think they are being cold and uncaring because this really isn't how cancer people operate as a whole; they just don’t like showing too much of their emotion on top of everything else going through them (see below).

In love, Cancerians need to be with someone who can also show deep cares for the inner and outer self. Someone they trust implicitly so that there is no possibility being hurt or damaged in any way when it comes down to intimacy: their partners should know themselves inside out but nevertheless want them just as much, if not more!

The Cancerian personality can be very possessive of the ones who are close and dearest too. It’s an attachment that is usually based on a combination of deep love mixed with some degree of competition for their affection; you may often hear people say “Cancerians only fall in real, true love once.” However when it comes down to this elemental sign they tend not be so keen to go all the way sexually (despite how sexual they can get) as there is a strong desire that has been described by psychics like us at Psychic Source – and many others too!

The reason for their reluctance towards sex in relationship stems from Cancer’s deep need of emotional security. For them to even think about having intercourse with someone they must feel completely safe, emotionally protected if you will; this elemental sign needs that connection between the heart and body (their physicality) before it can come into play when intimacy comes around!

This is why we often see Cancerians being so possessive of their loved ones: because to them there’s nothing more important than how they are feeling in a relationship. They don't like the idea that someone would have any influence over this bond; it takes some convincing for most people with cancerian-aspecting (the astrology) traits and/or birthdays, if ever!

What are some common weaknesses of Cancer personalities?

Too emotional; not enough rationality. Not thinking things through first, which leads to rash decisions and acting on impulse (as opposed to carefully weighing all sides). Too sensitive emotionally – they take everything too personally and are very insecure at times due to it as well…

What is the most common weakness of a Leo personality?

Cancers’ love for luxury may make them prone to overspending. They can also be indecisive, preferring the safety and comfort of routine rather than change or new experiences.

The typical characteristics associated with the sign of cancer is that they have a tendency to be moody and sensitive, as well as being highly emotional. It can also make them overly dependent on others for their happiness due in part to this sensitivity; however, it's important not to confuse Cancer personalities who are naturally shy with those whose behavior is manipulative or passive-aggressive rather than true shyness.

Shyer individuals usually have a variety of coping mechanisms they use when interacting socially that include turning their attention inward, focusing on what the environment around them looks like instead and avoiding eye contact if possible; however, this is not always manipulative or an act meant to put others down either.

In some cases shy people are simply more comfortable with themselves internally than externally (especially initially), so it's important that individuals who don’t understand how Cancer personalities really think and behave make the effort needed to learn about them first before making assumptions based on their appearance alone in this case since otherwise such a person might come off as rude, selfish or passive-aggressively moody.

How can Cancer personalities overcome their weaknesses?

Cancers are great nurturers. They often appear as caring, sensitive individuals who put other people’s needs above themselves and make sure they have what is needed to succeed in life at any cost – even if it means sacrificing some of the things that really matter to them like a good night sleep or spare time for family activities…

Their great concern about others may be due, however, not only to their natural nurturing tendencies but also because they are secretly terrified by potential criticism and disapproval. So it’s no wonder Cancers try hard to meet other people’s expectations at the expense of meeting those that matter most for them…

This is why it can be challenging sometimes, if not always frustrating – especially when you are trying your best but still feel like a failure! As such we may see some negative traits in Cancer natives:

They often have low self esteem and constantly expect criticism from others which they don’t necessarily deserve. They also tend to worry unnecessarily about other people’s needs, preferences etc., not only because it makes them feel good but primarily out of fear that their efforts might be in vain… It seems as though Cancer individuals have so much invested into everything around themselves – from the family they are trying hardest at home or with loved ones to earn approval and appreciation, all through various communities where they work (or simply live) for people’s praise that sometimes it is easy to lose sight of what really matters…

Cancerians can be highly sensitive individuals who do not like confrontations but are equally prone to anger when their needs or those around them seem unappreciated. The latter, in particular, may cause conflict and misunderstandings with the people they care about most since Cancers expect them to reciprocate by putting others’ interests above everything else…

However if you know how to deal effectively (either professionally at work/society or personally) this potentially negative side of their personality – it can make your life a whole lot easier. You may also be aware that there are ways around these things, and in fact it is not difficult! All we need do as Cancerians if to look for what really matters most (to us), while being patient enough with those who simply don’t appreciate our efforts…

How do Cancer personalities behave in conflicts within a relationship?

They are often accused of being cold and emotionally distant. They may appear indifferent to the feelings or suffering experienced by their loved ones, but this is just an illusion created out of fears that they have built up around themselves over many years - perhaps due to past hurts from relationships gone wrong (or never right), which caused them painful experiences and led them into emotional traumas. Once a Cancer personality feels safe in their relationship, the real nurturing side will come out of them very easily!

But they need assurance that this is permanent beforehand so as not to be hurt again by another unfaithful lover who only gives lip service when everything seems fine and well. However, if a Cancer personality truly loves you for what's in your heart rather than how much money or properties it can buy them (and they are very intelligent people!), then there is no love like their love - which will make anyone feel safe without feeling smothered...

Cancer personalities always seek security. This may be manifested through the constant need for approval from significant others in a relationship, or to build up an emotional bank of safety so that they are less vulnerable during times when there is no support around them (such as illness). In this case then, it would mean more than just words - like promises.

They want assurance beforehand and also afterwards if anything goes wrong again! This may be because their own past experience has taught them to doubt others' sincerity in a relationship or that the love they felt was merely for show until everything is perfect; therefore, these people need emotional security from those whom they truly trust.

What are some common traits of Cancer personalities in friendships?

Cancers will protect their friends with all they have got. They do not like to show that weakness or vulnerability, but deep down inside, it is very much there and you can see the hurt easily from them if anyone tries something bad on a friend of his/hers...they are extremely loyal..they love to be surrounded by people who share their feelings about life (and for Cancerians, that's family)

In all friendships, and especially those between people who fall within the same astrological signs (Cancer), there is a mutual need to be nurtured. People with this kind of compatibility have an innate desire for one another which means that they are more likely than other individuals to share experiences together as opposed to just sitting around in each others company, although it could happen either way…

They tend to be very shy and timid at first meeting , but once you get past that point where the confidence kicks in then there is no stopping them.

What are some tips for dating Cancerians?

Cancer-born persons have an inbuilt need to protect their loved ones. They tend to be shy, and this trait can make them seem distant at first sight; it is important not to take the distance personally though! Remember that they often feel uncomfortable with strangers around (unless these people are family members), so taking your time getting used to each other’s presence might really help. Doing things together, or going out for a nice walk in the evening will also make them more at ease when you first meet.

Cancerians can be quite possessive and defensive about their loved ones, therefore, it is important not to appear needy! Show that your love isn’t dependent upon someone else but instead comes from inside of yourself; this way they won’t feel insecure or as if they are being exploited.

You have a tendency toward jealousy and possessiveness (so beware), so it would probably help to establish some ground rules early on, especially when you first get together! It is also important that the relationship develops naturally; don't push for too much commitment or intimacy from them right away.

Cancer-born individuals are very sensitive people and tend toward pessimism – try not to let negative thoughts color your interaction with one another, as this will make you appear irritable! Try instead using positive affirmations such as "I am a bright person," so that they don't take away from the light in their heart.

Cancerians have an innate need for stability and security; try to provide them these things whenever possible by being consistent, reassuring (without appearing overbearing), supportive of their goals/aspirations but also allow space when needed! They are highly sensitive people so don't give into your own tendencies toward bossiness or manipulation.

Remember that Cancerians have very good memories and can really dredge up the past if they feel insecure; therefore, make sure you keep their feelings foremost always to avoid them feeling used later on! Keeping a record of important events is also helpful because it keeps your memory fresh as well.

Avoid making too many plans with one another initially though – remember that Cancerians need alone time and prefer not doing things together all the time; being aware of this will help you appreciate their independence more.