Aquarius Birthstone

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The birthstone for Aquarius is Amethyst, which represents peace and tranquility.

The stone of amethyst has long been associated with mysticism in many cultures as a protector against evil forces or the “evil eye”. It also helps to focus your attention on what you want instead of dwelling too much about things that do not matter.

Amethyst is believed by some people who are knowledgeable about crystals and their properties, to have healing powers especially for mental fatigue as it stimulates the crown chakra (where thoughts originate) and calms down excessive thinking processes..

Amethyst has also been associated with intuition. Many Native American tribes believed that amethyst was a stone of courage because its purple color represents royalty, dignity & wealth; therefore these people who wore it in battle had the protection from evil forces while fighting for their tribe and country! The Aztec civilization used this crystal to make jewelry.

The deep violet Amethyst is a beautiful stone which has been highly regarded since ancient times, particularly by many cultures of Europe & Africa where it was thought that the wearer could dispense with wine when worn as an amulet or necklace! In fact, even though this precious crystal is found in rocks such as shale and sandstone; they are typically low grade stones from Brazil (the world’s largest producer). However a few locations produce high quality Amethyst such as India where it can be up to 15 carats per stone!

Some of the most beautiful specimens have been found in mines at Siberia. But the gemstone is also mined nowadays in Brazil, Zimbabwe & Australia; and many believe that all colors are equally precious but purple Amethyst remains to be highly sought after for their rare coloration!

Many people love wearing this stone as it protects them against any type of harmful forces. It is a good meditation aid which can keep you calm, cool & collected while maintaining your inner balance and focus on the task at hand in order to achieve all that one desires or seeks from life!

Many wearers swear by this crystal for its ability enhance psychic abilities such as clairvoyance.

In Europe during medieval times amethyst was believed to protect against drunkenness; it has been said that if you kiss your lover while wearing an amulet of this stone, they would not get drunk.

Why Amethyst was chosen as a primary birthstone for Aquarius?

The stone of hope and purity, amethyst is said to help calm the emotions. It has been used since ancient times by crystal healers who believe it can prevent drunkenness because its wearer will feel sober after consuming alcoholic beverages. Amethyst was once believed to ward off evil spirits, keep one clear of hidden vices and maintain a person's inner stability through turbulent times (or "the other side" as we might say today).

There are several reasons why the deep purple hues of this stone have been used in so many designs throughout history, and it's not just because they look beautiful. One reason is that Amethyst (like diamonds) has always carried some mystical connotations with gem-cutters from India to Europe being fascinated by the idea that those who wear these stones are protected against evil spells cast upon them in dreamless slumber!

Another important association of this stone dates back thousands of years, when it was first associated (according to legend) with Amethysts being worn as protective amulets. In Ancient Greece the gemstone became a symbol for Bacchus who drank from an aquamarine chalice which had been turned purple by his wine!

The most famous association of this stone comes, however when it is associated to Paganism and witchcraft - something that began in 16th century England. In fact the word 'amethyst' was even used as slang for being drunk or intoxicated (which may have led on from their associations with Bacchus!).

During this time, Amethysts were also said to protect sailors at sea - and many people still associate these stones in particular colors of purple and lavender hues. This is perhaps why they became such a popular choice for jewelry amongst the Royal families from Europe (such as Queen Victoria).

It was only during later Victorian times that this stone has been associated with royalty, romance or even passionate love - so it's not surprising to see these designs in our range of amethyst rings and pendant necklaces

The history of Amethyst

The history of Amethyst gemstone is interesting in a way that it was used as far back into the time when ancient Greeks were living and Egyptians had their civilization. In fact, this stone has been associated with healing properties even before its use by humans.

Amethyst Gemstones – Healing Properties Of Its 6th Chakra (Ajna) Energy Center: This gemstone is known to open the third eye of a person and help in visualizing things that are not really seen, like dreams. It’ll make you more sensitive towards your surroundings so be careful what goes into your subconscious as it could influence others too depending on who wears this stone around them.

It is known to increase intuition among people which means they will have the ability to sense things that are about happening but not yet tangible in a physical way such as visions, dreams etcetera. This gemstone has been used for healing purposes since ages and it also helps one find out what their destiny is if worn by them at an early age!

It’ll make you more sensitive towards your surroundings so be careful what goes into your subconscious as it could influence others too depending on who wears this stone around them.

The history of Amethyst gemstone goes back to the time immemorial. It is one such stone that has been valued by people since ages for its medicinal properties and healing powers. People have used it in their worship rituals too; especially during festivals like Navratri, Dussehra etc wherein Goddess Amethyst was worshipped to receive her blessings of prosperity & wealth through these periods which are otherwise considered as one the best time for trade and businesses globally.

Amethyst gemstone belongs to the family of quartz. It comes from Amethistos in Greece which was named after its Greek meaning “not drunken”. The purple color variation has given birth and popularity for this precious stone since ages, wherein people have started believing that amethysst is a gift meant only to the ones who can be trusted.

In spite of being one such gemstone which was found in various countries like Austria & Siberia during earlier times; it has become very popular and famous amongst Indians especially after its mention as diamond substitute by Catherine II, Czarina of Russia at her coronation ceremony held on September 22, 1762. Since then Amethyst gemstone is being used in jewelry manufacturing & designing for wedding gifts or other festive occasions that have been considered auspicious since ages!

Mostly, it has purple color variation which makes them the most popular choice of precious stone amongst Indians. Even though Amethyst gemstone is found in various colors like red, pink & violet too; but its darker shades are still more preferred by jewelry manufacturers as well as designing experts all across India.

Why we love purple color variety of amethyst stone? Its significance and history being associated with Deities is the biggest reason why people have started to use this gemstone in their worship rituals since ages! They are used for various purposes like, religious ceremonies & pujas; wedding or other festive occasions etc.

Amethyst in the mythology

Amethyst in the mythology of ancient Egypt was one of its most precious stones, both for ornament and as a gemstone. The first use is dated to 4021BC at Gebelein which shows amethyst being cut and polished into scarabs with hieroglyphic inscriptions that read ‘Amun-Re’ (the god) or the king of Upper Egypt; Thutmose IV was one such pharaoh. Amulets, statues and even coffins were covered in this stone which is also mentioned as being used for making furniture handles!

Because it came from Nubia on the other side of Africa (Egyptian hieroglyphs read backwards) , amethyst was considered to be a foreign stone. It took its name, ‘amethyst’ meaning “that which prevents drunkenness” or inhibits drinking excessively!

Although no records survive from that time they do record the use of this precious gemstone for ornamentation and religious purposes by Thutmose IV (1401–1391 or; 1397–1388 BC) to Ramesses II who ruled Egypt 1279–1213 BC. It was also used in many temples, pyramids and sarcophagi’s during the Pharaonic era as well being carved into scarabs that were worn on necklaces or beaded with gold around wristlets & anklet bracelets (as seen below).

The Ancient Egyptians revered this stone for its protection against drunkenness! It was also believed to increase fertility and promote longevity. In fact many royal mummies were found buried in amethyst jewelry, the most famous being Pharaoh Tutankhamen who wore a necklace of carnelian & gold with an ancient cameo set into it (a gift from Cleopatra).

Ancient Egyptians called this stone ‘Amenti’ and its name was derived by them as that which prevents drunkenness or inhibits drinking excessively! It is not surprising then to learn the most famous Pharaoh of all, Tutankhamun (‘Kings Valley King) wore jewelry made from Amethyst. The necklace and bracelets were his gift given him by Cleopatra before he became pharaoh at 16 years old!

In modern times Amethyst considered as being good for the immune system while in ancient Egyptian mythology amethyst was believed to protect people against evil sorceresses. Amulets of this stone were placed around mummies during embalming rituals so that their spirits would not be troubled after death, and they still exist today!

Amethyst in the mythology of ancient Greece is described as a stone that calms you down and protects from intoxication. It soothes your nerves when they are overloaded by unpleasant things happening around or inside yourself, while taking away depression due to excessive thinking about negative stuff which would make even an optimist pessimistic in no time at all; it gives you a feeling of well-being and positiveness.

Amethyst in the mythology of Ancient Greece is a precious gemstone representing health and wholeness. It was also associated with Dionysus, goddess Aphrodite's son by Zeus; it became known as "améthyste", derived from Greek ἀμέτιστος (âmetistos), meaning 'not intoxicated'. This gemstone is said to have protective powers against drunkenness, therefore preventing an excess of Bacchus' gift. In the Middle Ages, amethst was thought by alchemists to be a stone that could turn base metals such as lead or iron into gold (theoretically and allegorically speaking).

The word 'améthyste', is derived from Greek ἀμέτιστος ('âmetistos'), meaning "not drunken", i.e., not inebriated, since its purple color was said to be that of a clear wine; the Greeks considered it especially good for those who were drunkards or intemperate because they believed it would prevent them from ever becoming intoxicated again.

The gemstone is mentioned by Homère as one "Améthyste" (Ἀμέθυστος), in his epic Odyssey, where Hélène of Troy uses a necklace made with amethysts to ward off drunkenness from her husband Paris.

Magical virtues of the Amethyst gemstone

The Amethyst stone has been revered since antiquity for its magical powers. The most famous of these properties was his healing capacity: the amulet became a medicinal gemstone par excellence, due to be able not only cure but also purify and protect from bad vibes!

In fact it is thanks to this property that people have been using Amethyst as a therapeutic stone since ancient times. The Romans believed in the magical virtues of amulet for healing purposes, believing they were able not only cure but also purify and protect from bad vibes!

They would use it to treat diseases like epilepsy or insomnia; But we must go back still further through history (we are in the first century), since this stone has had a special relationship with Egyptian Pharaohs, who placed them on their crowns as they were considered the symbol of royalty.

It is known for its powerful healing energy since ancient times due to a magical power coming from the crystal’s center point – the location where many mysteries are hidden in our bodies that cannot be reached simply with medical examination or technologies; therefore, we can feel some of them when taking into consideration our inner world and what is happening around us.

This gemstone has been considered to have magical qualities since ancient times due to its ability to protect against drunkenness by wine (and alcohol in general). The stone was used as a charm or amulet, given the protection it gives from intoxication; people would drink before touching this beautiful purple gemstone. Today, many still consider Amethyst’s energy magical for achieving clarity of thought and clear communication skills when talking with others – an essential part in all kinds relationships which includes not only our family but also at work (in general).

Ancient Egyptians were the first ones to take this stone as a symbolic animal: scarabs, or beetles. They wore them on their jewelry and used it for protection from evil powers; Amethyst was considered very effective in driving away negative energies such as those of envy because they are associated with purple rays – light is the color which can take us farthest into another dimension, also known to be related to our third eye chakra.

Today’s people who wear it consider Amethyst a stone for spirituality and growth; this gemstone has an extraordinary ability of cleansing negative energies from your life (especially those which harm you) when you are open towards the world around us or even just to yourself – we can take away some of these negativities only by trying not being afraid, but instead feeling happiness as soon it comes into our lives.

Healing properties of the Amethyst gemstone

Gemstones are known to have therapeutic healing powers which is why they’ve been used in Indian Ayurveda and Chinese medicine for centuries, as well as by early Greek civilizations such as Egyptians who wore amulets made from precious stones to ward off evil spirits.

Amethyst gemstones are also thought of among the most beautiful gems known to mankind which makes it no surprise that people have always worn and collected these stunningly lovely semi-precious purple, rose quartz crystal beads jewelry pieces in their homes since ancient times.

The healing properties of amethyst gemstones make them popular as holistic medicinal tools among New Age spiritualists around the world who believe that wearing it can boost your psychic abilities and help you to connect with higher planes such as angels, spirits or a universal source energy (sometimes called God).

Because of this many people wear amethyst jewelry because they want its healing powers for purification purposes. Amethyst is thought among mystical believers that wearing it can enhance intuition and help you to make better decisions in your life. It’s also believed by some New Age spiritualists who use holistic modalities such as crystal therapy, aromatherapy or Reiki healing techniques for their clients at home or professionally (and earn money doing so), that amethyst gemstones can help you to develop your intuition which will enhance psychic abilities. Some believe it is believed this because of its deep violet color and purple hues, the stone was associated with Dionysus in mythology who represents divine madness or ecstatic intoxication while others point out that amethyst gemstones have been used to make glasses for a long time which suggests they’ve always had healing powers.

Among New Age spiritualists crystal therapy believers, some say the deep violet colored stone is thought of as an angelic tool because its energy is said to open up your psychic abilities and encourage you in feeling more connected with higher planes that exist among us such as our spirit guides or guardian spirits who are always protecting those they love.

What virtues Amethyst gemstone gives its wearer?

Amethyst is a purple-colored variety of quartz. This stone can be used as an alternative for the more expensive diamond, and it has been in use since antiquity because many ancient civilizations such as Egyptians and Greeks believed that this crystal helps them to meditate better!

Why wear Amethyst? Well actually there are a number of reasons why one should buy or give someone an Amethyst stone. The gemstone gives the benefits associated with its color purple: It is said it calms, soothes and promotes peace; increases wisdom and intuition to help make better decisions in life; enhances memory and intelligence as well improves concentration ability.

Amethyst helps one focus their attention towards positive things instead of dwelling on negative thoughts that weighs down the wearer’s soul! It is believed by many people who love Amethyst gemstone, this stone can actually help you to overcome your addictions and it makes a great gift for someone going through withdrawal.

It has always fascinated mankind because Amethyst possesses properties that have a beneficial effect on our physical health as well spiritual. It can be seen as an “amplifier” of both the sun’s and earth energies. Its energy is so strong it will amplify whatever you give to its wearer: good or bad!

Nowadays scientists explain such a quality by its action on blood circulatory system and brain functioning but also because in our modern world we have to face all kinds of intoxicants: drugs, alcohol etc which are not good for us at any time!

Amethyst is a stone of purity. It helps one to see past the illusions created by others and our own minds; it allows us insight into what is really going on in situations that we feel are outside our control, but which may be more than meets the eye… or can offer some benefit for those who wish to use them as stepping stones. It clears away any obstacles (or illusions) placed before you and makes a pathway of ease; it helps one see what is really there rather then reacting on impulse from emotional bias, either your own or others’… that can be tricky stuff! This gemstone enhances our ability to think clearly about past decisions we have made. It also clears away negative influences and blocks in relationships with family members as well as romantic partners; helps one see where there is no longer a need for the same level of communication between you or when it has been misplaced, helping resolve those situations that may be better left alone… sometimes people just don’t get along.

What is Aquarius Zodiac Sign?

Aquarius is the eleventh astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation Aquarius. Under the tropical zodiac, the Sun is in the Aquarius sign between approximately January 20 and February 18. Aquarius is represented by the water carrier pouring a stream of water out of a jug. It is the final air sign, which means it deals with air-related concepts from a macro-perspective. Aquarius is the most innovative, progressive, rebellious, and humanitarian of all the zodiac signs.

Aquarians are intellectual, curious, and deeply social. They are passionate about interpersonal dynamics and take these concepts to a whole other level. Aquarians see the world as it should be, could be, or will be. They are tuned into the beat of a different drummer and do things in their own way. Aquarians are attracted to intelligence and inspiration is a romantic spark for them. They are the innovators of the Zodiac.

In terms of compatibility, Gemini is a good match for Aquarius as they engage in lots of late-night conversation and want to discuss everything. Aquarians hate small talk and are totally disinterested in petty gossip. They have an often-overlooked sensitive side that requires appreciation, support, and love.

Who is Aquarius Personality?

Aquarians are people who have an extremely original, unique and distinctive personality. People of this sign are always thinking about what they can do to be different from others in the crowd around them. They often find themselves attracting attention due to their eccentricities and idiosyncrasies that make them stand out as individuals (or sometimes for all wrong reasons!). Aquarians have a tendency of being too honest or straight forward with people at times, which can irritate those who don’t want it. But this quality is actually the reason why they are liked by many others around then due to their honesty and forthrightness (even if harsh sometimes!)

Aquarius Horoscope & Personality Traits as per Vedic Astrology: The Aquarians have a unique personality that can be called eccentric at times but is always original. They are highly intellectual people, creative in nature and think outside the box most of the time even if it means going against what’s currently happening around them!

Aquarian Personality Traits: An Aquarius has an extremely unique personality; they can be considered as eccentric at times but their originality is always appreciated. The people born under this sign are known for having a creative mind and thinking outside the box most of the time even if it means going against what’s currently happening around them! An Aquarian thinks independently, has an unconventional way in approaching things or may often come across as being too straightforward at times.

Their personality is highly intellectual & they love to be surrounded by like-minded people who can appreciate their intelligence rather than the ones that don’t understand what makes them tick! They are not afraid of speaking up against those with whom they disagree or feel uneasy around (and sometimes even if it means irritating others).

Aquarians have a mindset to be original & different which is why people admire and like their personality. But at the same time, this can often make them uncomfortable in social gatherings where there are several things happening simultaneously as they dislike confusion around!

Aquarian Personality: The Aquarians have an extremely unique or individualistic mindset; which is why people admire and like their personality.

What planet rules Aquarius Personality?

You are one of the most outgoing signs in all zodiac. You like to go where others fear or you may even feel a need for speed and adventure, although it’s important that your inner self has been considered beforehand as well because when this fire goes up inside – watch-out! In general Aquarius people are very friendly but they can be really hard on the surface. You tend to have friends from all walks of life; you love diversity and differences in other cultures is something which fascinates you.

You like being around new faces, meeting different kinds of personalities as well as reading about them just for your entertainment value because it’s fun discovering the unique nature within people! You might not seem to care what others think but trust me – if someone has an attitude that rubs off on their surroundings you will definitely pick up.

When I see Aquarius in my daily life they are usually busy doing something different, whether its online shopping or simply looking for inspiration from books and articles etcetera because creativity is your second nature! In terms of career path, people born under the sign have a very good sense to choose what makes them happy.

Aquarians tend to work in large scale projects which include a variety of tasks but also require you to be highly aware on all fronts and that means noticing tiny details as well even if those are things most others will miss out at first glance! Your natural gift is being able to see the big picture when it comes down to working with your hands, making something from scratch or simply observing.

You like seeing where you can take a project so don’t feel restricted by any of these rules in fact – if there are limitations on how things should be done instead use those for challenge! You will probably need some time before finding yourself fully satisfied but once the spark has been lit; watch-out because that Aquarian energy is going to light up your whole life!

You’re not afraid from trying new ways of working out since you like being able to see things in a different way than most others. The fact that your mind can be rather sharp makes it possible for you to learn how to do many trades or skills with ease, especially if these are creative and based on the artistic side of life!

What are the strengths of Aquarius personalities?

Aquarians tend to be very intelligent people and they make some really great friends. They like helping others in need, so you’ll find them hanging out with a lot of different kinds of folks. Some may seem offensive or abrasive at times but it is just their way of trying to get your attention (this also makes Aquarians very good leaders).

Aquarius personalities are always looking for the next big thing; they’re constantly on the move, either literally or figuratively! They love new experiences and adventures. In romance these people can be quite difficult: They want their freedom more than anything else in life so getting them to settle down is really hard work – but it will definitely pay off if you succeed because Aquarians are generally very faithful once they’re together with someone (at least for a while).

They like to live outside normal social norm, they have an amazing ability for problem solving.

Aquarians (born January 20 to February 18) usually do not feel connected with other signs in astrology because their unique traits make them stand out from others around the world and that is why they are born as "Humanitarian". They like to be surrounded by people who share similar interest, which gives Aquarian personalities a chance for long term relationships.

Aquarians prefer things in big numbers (like 10 or more) because of their nature of liking everything in large quantities! Their unique thinking pattern makes them love new inventions and innovations. However; they do not like to be surrounded by people who are just trying to imitate others, this causes Aquarian personalities to disconnect with the social norms sometimes which is why Aquarians prefer being on their own most of times especially during weekends or long holidays! They love traveling but it has its limitations because they do not like stay in one place for a longer time.

Aquarius Personal Characteristics: What are Aquarian personality's strength? Aquarians have an amazingly sharp memory and their ability to think things outside the box makes them unique individuals who never fail at problem solving! They can easily connect with new people, especially those related or interested in inventing something which gives themselves a chance for long term relationships.

Aquarians like to surround by others who share similar interests because they do not want their time to be wasted on things that are uninteresting to them but it causes Aquarian personality's disconnect with the social norm sometimes! They love travel, especially those related or interested in inventions give themselves a chance for long term relationships.

Another one of an Aries personalities traits is their tendency towards being too independent and self-reliant to rely on others easily. However; they are very loyal when it comes down to choosing someone from the same sign, like Taurus or Leo!

What are some common weaknesses of Aquarius personalities?

Some possible personality traits for an aquarian woman include being overly emotional and sensitive to others' opinions. They may also be moody, indecisive or rebellious when they do not get their way in a group situation (such as with friends) because it conflicts with what the Aquarius man has set down about how things are going to happen - he is usually very decisive if left alone!

Aquarian men can have problems with being too aloof and seeming distant. They may also be impatient or overly critical when they think that someone else's idea of 'the right way" just will not work for them in a group situation like the one described above (friends, etc).

Aquarians are known to have great minds with lots of innovative ideas. They may also be highly intellectual and/or clever - but can lack common sense! This is because they often think that 'anything goes' or anything will work if you try it enough times... when really one must use their intellect combined with commonsense in order to succeed, rather than just trying different approaches over and over again.

Aquarians are known for being helpful people - but can lack tactfulness; they may also be too generous or extravagant at the wrong time (such as when others cannot afford it). Also Aquarius is ruled by Saturn which represents a personality that loves to learn and read. The problem with this trait, however, lies in an aquarian's need for learning - they may not be able to fully appreciate their current circumstances or understand the people who are around them (unless these things fit into what Aquarius believes 'should work').

Aquarians can also lack self-confidence and get nervous when put under pressure. This is because an aquarian's main strength comes from his/her intellect, rather than their natural personality traits - so they are easily made uncomfortable by those who know how to press them in order for Aquarius to reveal more of him or herself!

Another common weakness lies within the need for a personal freedom. When others want an aquarian's time, attention and help it can lead this personality type astray from his/her own goals... which is why they have trouble being in one place too long.

Aquarians have a few typical traits that make them stand out in society. They may be eccentric or offbeat at times, but they tend to also bring positivity and energy into their lives with others as well by being curious about people's interests and tastes too. Aquarius personalities are usually nonconformists who like to challenge the status quo in whatever area of life is necessary for them personally -- whether that be academics, culture or political activism depending on what they prefer.

Aquarians can have trouble connecting emotionally with others because it's hard for Aquarius personalities themselves to feel emotions deeply due to their air-y personality traits such as rationality and detachment from the material world overall -- though this isn’t always a bad thing, since they tend not care about being attached by many people in general. They are often outspoken with views that can sometimes be radical if others don't like what Aquarians have to say; however, they will typically keep their opinions hidden for the most part unless it is something very important and dear to them personally as well -- this tends not always being a good thing either since other people may assume things about someone else based on their personal traits in general.

Aquarius personality types are often intelligent ones, but they don’t typically like dealing with others' emotions themselves or talking deeply overall; instead the Aquarian will tend to prefer keeping it lighthearted and funny when socializing -- though there may be times where this doesn’t go so well either due to them being overly serious at other times as a result. These types are usually highly intelligent, inquisitive individuals who aren't afraid of speaking their minds no matter what others think about it or have planned; thus they make excellent guides for learning new things since there is always something different and unique going on with them overall due to the fact that Aquarius can be stubborn at times too -- which doesn’t mean that other people shouldn't listen to these types anyway, since their views are usually worthwhile.

In addition to being nonconformists in general who will typically prefer doing things themselves instead of relying on others; they may also have a tendency towards eccentricity at times too -- though this can often make them quite interesting people if there is anything funny.

How can Aquarius personalities overcome their weaknesses?

Aquarians are a very intelligent, sensitive and independent sign. They have great potential for originality of thought since they will not tolerate routine work or the same old ideas that people come up with all too often in life! However, one major problem area is indeed that Aquarius can be detached from their emotions…

Aquarians are ruled by Uranus, the planet that represents innovation and originality. It is no surprise then that they love to be different from everyone else! As a result of this, however, an Air sign like Gemini may feel threatened or annoyed at times when dealing with Aquarius personalities…

On the positive side of your nature, you have a love for humanity and all things impersonal. You want to be free from conventional restraints or restrictions in thought or action—to go ahead with new ideas that may upset others who are more rigidly bound by tradition (as they see it).

You can easily find faults in the belief systems of others, but your own views must be tested and tried before you’re willing to accept them as absolute truth. You’d rather look into abstract principles than actual people—in a way that’ll sometimes make an Aquarian-born person seem cold or detached from reality; when all they really want is freedom for their imaginative minds, free of the chains imposed on it by society (and others!)

The best gift you can give yourself and those around your zodiacal sign to overcome these weaknesses involves learning how to “practice what we preach”—to lead rather than talk about leading. A big part in being a good leader is having the courage of one’s convictions! Your Aquarian nature will help you learn, as long as you don’t forget that it can also be an obstacle when trying to see how things really are on earth (as opposed to abstract principles).

Aquarius-born individuals may have a tendency towards the negative side of their horoscope signs because they want to change things for the better. As well, Aquarians sometimes tend toward being detached from reality—because their imagination is so powerful and vastly different than others’! The best thing an individual can do with such qualities in life?

The more you learn about yourself (especially your strengths as opposed to weakness), the better you will be able to make use of them. In turn, these Aquarian traits could inspire others around us—if we know how they might apply on a practical level!

How does Aquarius personality behave in love and friendship?

Do you have a crush on someone that's an Aries, Taurus or Gemini. It is possible to fall for them as they are born under the Fire signs: Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius & Aries. You can get acquainted with your lover in love compatibility test by clicking here!

The Aquarius personality can be very charming when it comes to romance and dating partnerships but their aloof nature may make them appear a bit distant at times if they are not feeling particularly open or trusting. You'll need to work hard on your relationship with an aquarian love interest - this is the most lovable sign in astrology, just remember that it doesn’t matter how charming and attractive you may be underneath there will always seem like a brick wall when it comes to getting close. If he or she likes you enough they might open up but never expect them too as this is not an easy sign at all in matters of love relationships!

So what do Aquarius people have going for themselves? They are usually very loyal, intelligent and charming lovers – yes I can hear some gasps from my fellow Aries friends - we're quite jealous when it comes to the Aquarian personality traits. In fact if you want a partner who is always there through thick & thin then an Aquarius in love may be just what your looking for!

These people are also known as loyal and long-term lovers which can mean that their partnerships last forever but this isn’t necessarily the case - we need to remember they do tend towards being aloof with friends, family & strangers so you will have tore yourself away from your own selfishness (which is pretty much impossible by the way) and learn how to be there for them when no-one else does.

Aquarius people are also known as idealists who want their relationships or marriage partner’s life in order - they can get a bit of an ego trip here so you may need to accept this part! They will do anything possible if it involves getting what they feel is right for them and the Aquarian personality traits are pretty much all about loyalty & longevity.

Therefore, your relationship with Aquarius in love should be treated like a long-term marriage.

Aquarian people are original, idealistic thinkers who have a unique vision of the world. They do not follow traditional paths but rather set out on their own to make new ones for themselves as well as others around them! They prefer living outside societal norms when it comes down to relationships; while they can be very loyal and faithful partners once committed, this sign likes doing things differently than most other people.

Because of the Aquarius' fearless nature toward life in general and their detachment from traditionally accepted views concerning friendship or love relations, these individuals are often considered as "too out there" for others to befriend them! However, if you do not mind a person who is free-spirited enough that they can make your day with just one word (think of Deepak Chopra), then by all means meet an Aquarius.

Aquarians are naturally creative and often have the ability to come up with solutions others cannot see or conceive at first glance! Their vision is very far-sighted, which explains why they can do things that other people would never even dream of doing in a million years (like starting their own businesses)! Aquarians are also quite idealistic and humanitarian so if you happen to meet an Arian friend who has the desire for improving society's social conditions through charitable deeds, then he or she is probably one!

Aquarian people love being friends with those whose visions match their own. This sign thrives on intellectual stimulation and loves having discussing new ideas that challenge them to expand outside of the norm! They are usually very open-minded about things they do not necessarily agree upon, but will definitely let you know if something is totally off limits for Aquarians like religion or politics.

Aquarius friends appreciate honesty in others and tend to have a lot of fun while doing so; this sign likes hanging out with those who are open-minded enough that they can share their innermost thoughts, ideas as well as fears without worrying about being judged by the other person! Aquarians enjoy having friends around them especially when such people have a healthy sense of humor and do not take things too seriously.

How do Aquarius personalities behave in conflicts within a relationship?

Aquarians are the most idealistic of all zodiac signs. They are humanitarian and altruistically inclined, but at times can be overly optimism about everything they touch or get involved with. When it comes to conflict situations

Aquarian personalities want harmony above else; they believe that by doing nothing is the best way of handling a dispute between them and their partners/significant others.

They are non-confrontational in nature, which makes matters worse when there’s already an existing disagreement or tension in a relationship. The Aquarian personality may be too passive to actively take charge and address the situation head on; they simply try their best not to let it affect them emotionally instead of openly dealing with the problem itself (they are typically indecisions after all).

Aquarians tend to give space for time so that things will work themselves out, but this rarely works as conflicts in relationships don’t have a way of simply being taken care by. Aquarian personalities prefer not having any confrontation whatsoever; they want peace at cost and would rather let the other person handle their own problems than try to fix them for you instead (that is if it doesn't mean that it will affect your relationship in some negative ways).

This can lead into a passive-aggressiveness type of behavior from Aquarius individuals. This means they do things without any open confrontation, but actually are trying hardest not letting the other person know what’s really going on within them and how much this is bothering you; it just gives that impression (and sometimes reality) to your partner/significant others of being emotionally distant or even neglectful.

If there's a problem between two Aquarians, then chances are they don't want any confrontation about the matter at hand and would rather keep things on low-key; this is because both signs value their independence quite high (as does all Air sign). Anger will most likely be expressed through passive aggressiveness with an emotional wall put up around them as protection from being hurt again.

Aquarians do not like to admit when they are wrong and have a difficult time in dealing directly with someone who may see their point of view differently than how you perceived it.

What are some common traits of Aquarius personalities in friendships?

Aquarian friends tend to be original and fun-loving, while remaining tolerant toward others' differences. They also tend to be more introverted than other star signs, preferring one on one time over parties or large gatherings. Though many people know themselves as individualists who are not affected by the actions of their peers unless it affects them personally directly in some way (i.e., being fired from a job), Aquarius personalities truly believe that all human beings have inherent worth and value, no matter what society may think about someone's looks or lifestyle habits; this is why they are generally more accepting than other star signs of those who live outside the norm in their eyes.

However, because of these trappings with which Aquarians tend to surround themselves (either consciously through intentionally choosing friends that share some common ground and interests or unconsciousness due to being unaware at how differently they might be perceived by others), people outside this group may have difficulty relating to them. The same goes for the other way around.

Aquarians tend not to relate well with those who do not share their views on life, society's standards or even just interests and hobbies. In fact, sometimes they can be a little too judgmental about others because of this trait that may have been passed down from generation upon generation in the family tree — Aquarius is known for having long-lived families who are close to one another (even if their social lives tend not to focus much on large gatherings) and thus, Aquarians can sometimes see themselves as being able to assess others' character or personality more easily than other star signs.

Aquarian friends like people with strong personalities; they will want someone who is capable of standing up for himself but also loves a good laugh — that isn’t necessarily self-deprecating humor, though it doesn’t have to be mean either in order not to offend the Aquarians' own naturally sensitive natures. The trickiest part about being friends with an aquarian is this: While they are fun and enjoyable people overall who want others around them just as much for their company (or even more so) than a friendship based on shared lifestyle interests or values, it can be hard to predict what will trigger the Aquarius's temper.

What are some tips for dating Aquarius?

There is no one way to the heart of an aquarian. They all have their own unique personalities and ways they want things done in a relationship! I will give you just a few ideas that might get your foot through those doors into their hearts though…

  • Treat them as if they were goddesses!!! It is very important to make sure an Aquarius feels like the most powerful person on earth, since thats how it makes sense for her. You need to be a gentleman and show respect at all times (even in private). Also always remember that she must feel loved.
  • Be patient! Don't let them rush you into things unless they are ready…and if your really good, most aquarians will give out subtle hints as to when the time is right. So be alert and listen closely for these moments of opportunity!!!
  • Never ever play games with them! They hate it more than anything on earth…(almost lmao!) And they wont think your too good at heart if you do that to an aquarian either. So be sincere, straight forward and honest when communicating with her.(if possible don't lie.)
  • Most importantly of all: Give them space! They are very different from the others…they need their own unique time for themselves just like everyone else does too so respect that. When you give an aquarian this special attention, they will reciprocate your effort by giving it right back to you (10x more). You see these people have a tendency of being selfless at heart and if given the chance…they would do anything for another person!