Taurus Birthstone

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Emerald is the birthstone for Taurus. Emeralds are a very beautiful gem stone, but they also have interesting properties that make them unique from other stones as well. Some of these include: enhancing memory and recall; improving one’s financial situation/generating wealth (for those who aren't in it already!); protection against envy or greed.

It is known to open the heart chakra, which brings joy & inner peace through unconditional love for self as well others.

Historically Emerald were thought to be able to see into other realms/dimensions and was considered a stone of clairvoyance; It’s also used in protection from negative energy or envy.

Emerald stones are very powerful, so they must only ever worn by women who have been initiated (whether it's through the Mysteries, Alchemy OR Wicca) and do not require cleansing with sage as other crystals would!

History of Emerald

The Emerald was mentioned in many religious texts, like Judaism and Christianity. In fact it is believed that they were placed on top of King Solomon’s crown as his signet ring while he ruled over Israel from Jerusalem to Tyre (10th century BC). This made him the most powerful king at this time due to his wealthy status since he was able to afford such stones. Emerald gemstones have also been found in burial mounds of early civilizations like Persia and Babylon, where they were used as tomb ornaments among other jewelry pieces (early 150 BC).

In the Victorian era emeralds became a symbol for fertility. They are still widely believed to be able to provide their wearer with healthy children! This belief was strengthened in the early Christian Era when Jesus’ mother Mary and his disciple John were both said to have had Emerald gemstones of special powers, which could give protection from snakebites or serpent venom. In fact since ancient times this stone has been widely used by healing practices as well!

King Solomon (961-7 BC) was known for his wisdom and leadership skills over Israelites at Jerusalem while ruling during the same time that David, his father reigned in Hebron until Saul’s death. Emerald gemstones are mentioned to be given to King Salmon by Queen Sheba as a gift of appreciation after she had visited him (10th Century BCE). The name emeralda comes from Sanskrit word for “emerald” – maranga which in turn came up with the Latin word Emeraude.

Emerald gemstones were also referred to by names like ‘the stone of hope’ and ‘stone of dreams.’ They have been worn as amulets since ancient times when they were believed to protect people from illnesses, snake bites or serpent venom! This is not surprising considering that the Emerald gemstones are often seen as a symbol for fertility. Many cultures believe in their healing and enchanting powers which made them valuable during medieval Europe’s time period when many women wore amulets with emerald stones to enhance breast milk production; however, this is an old tale!

What is Taurus Zodiac Sign?

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the modern zodiac, spanning from April 20 to May 20. It is an earth sign represented by the bull. Tauruses are oriented around the physical world and tend to be grounded and logical. They love routine and are committed to their own comfort. Tauruses are known for being hard-headed, down-to-earth, tenacious, reliable, loyal, and sensual.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet that governs love, beauty, and money. Taurus’ Venusian influence makes this earth sign the most sensual of the zodiac: These cosmic oxen are enchanted by any physical manifestation of comfort and luxury. Pleasure is a necessity for epicurean Taureans and they feel most content when pampered. (Taurus governs the neck, so neck caresses are especially appreciated).

Taurus Personalities

Taurus is the the zodiac sign, which represents earthly and material things. Tauruses are stable people who love beauty and harmony in their environment - they like to surround themselves with beautiful objects that have meaning for them: a collection perhaps or an antique shop. Inclined towards matter, they take care over their cellar, but above all their domestic domain which is how they demonstrate the affection they feel for those around them. They are rather made for playing the role of the host who offers a cosy and warm welcome. Of course security is as well one if his priorities; this could explain their taste for materiality.

Their love life plays an important role, because we know that Virgo (the zodiacal neighbor), Venusian and sensual sign that Tauruses are: they certainly appreciate the art of seduction! They have a thirst for new experiences. However it must be said that between 2 peaks there is often a deep valley.

Taurean Characteristics: You can't talk about your horoscope without looking at its most predominant sign: Taurus or Venusian as the zodiacal planet is concerned here, because these are certainly two of our Sun’s signs which are going to be more highlighted. It wouldn’t do to ignore them.

The native Taurean has a great need for peace and tranquility; he likes stability but at the same time seeks change: this contradiction is perfectly in line with his dual nature - that of sensuality/earthly-material things on one hand, which are very important to him (that’s why Venus rules over Tauruses) while also being rational and ordered.

He likes routine but he has a great need for novelty too: this is where his dual nature lies again!

He needs order in all circumstances; if he doesn’t have it, chaos reigns supreme. And so everything must be perfectly under control (his family, work or leisure time…) and there are certain things that can nevertheless upset him quite a lot.

He is rather conservative as far his tastes in decoration/art of beauty etc., but also has the need for change. He needs to surround himself with beautiful objects which have meaning, an antique shop perhaps: he lovingly takes care over everything and everyone around him.

Why Emerald was chosen as primary Taurus birthstone?

Emerald was chosen as the primary Taurus birthstone because it is so very similar to diamond that they are often mistaken for each other. Its hardness, lustrous appearance and high refractive index have made its use in jewelry more popular than ever before – although synthetic stones may be better value on a price-perceived basis (especially when you consider the gemstone's unique history).

Emerald has long been associated with royalty, needless to say that is why Prince Phillip chose it for his own engagement ring. However, its status as an all time classic was confirmed in 1968 when a large amount of synthetic emerald were discovered to have entered the marketplace (the incident known as The Emerald Affair). As such, today's consumers are more than capable when it comes to telling between real and fake emeralds. In fact most retail stores will test stones in their presence upon purchase; so make sure you know your stuff!

The stone is believed by many cultures across the world (such as Hindus) to represent wisdom, understanding nature's true beauty & peacefulness of mind among others things and its use within jewelry has been around since man first started mining it in 450BC.

Emerald in the mythology

Emerald in the ancient Egypt mythology were believed to have been brought from heaven by Isis after her husband Osiris, brother and lover of Horus was killed.

Emeralds are mentioned as far back into history; it is said that Alexander The Great (356-323 BC) loved the stone so much he cut off his left eye to get a better view! Thereafter Emerald has been considered “The Stone Of Fidelity” and was also called ‘Emerantus’ by Pliny, in honor of this legend.

In ancient Greek mythology, emeralds were said to be the tears of Zeus's wet-nurse.

Their color ranges from a pale yellow green (the most common) through olive/honey shades and blues all the way up into dark red hue known as "Carolina Sapphire". Emerald is generally considered to be one of five precious gemstones, although it's not nearly so expensive per-carat weight as diamonds or rubies.

The most famous emerald in history was named Cleopatra’s Mask - a massive 216 carats that sold for $405K back then! The Egyptians were also very fond of the stone, with some specimens being found dating to 387 BC.

Emeralds were frequently connected to religious beliefs. The Archbishop Rabanus Maurus of Mainz wrote about the significance of the twelve Apocalyptic gems in the New Testament Book of Revelation. "In the emerald is expressed the strength of faith in adversity," he said. These stones were frequently connected to the twelve apostles. Andreas, bishop of Caesarea had this to say about emerald: "The emerald, which is of a green color...is said by some authorities to be good for preserving chastity."

Magical virtues of the Emerald

The gemstone that has a magical power to create and maintain harmony, attract love (and money) is emerald. It balances the yin-yang energy in one's body so one can remain calm through any crisis or disaster and make good choices at crucial times of his life.

Emeralds are known as a magical stone for bringing wealth to its owner, but it is also used by those who seek love. It helps people find their perfect soulmate in this lifetime if they believe deeply enough that the person will be found through emerald magic and prayers; after which, all one need do is wait patiently until fate brings them together.

The stone should always have been handled with care so it does not break apart under stress. It can also never have seen a negative thought come from its wearer’s mind either towards anyone else or himself/herself as that will prevent the gemstone to work effectively for him/her anymore…..

Emerald is known by magical practitioners and wiccans of many traditions, including Witchcraft (Wica), Voodooism, Shamanistic Practices etc. Emeralds are used in love spells as well that allow one to find his/her soulmate through the stone itself…

Emerald is also very helpful for those who wish to enhance their personal beauty and radiance. It helps people look youthful or more attractive than they actually are, but only if there isn’t a single negative thought towards anyone else ever comes out of one's mind throughout his/her entire life…

Emerald gemstone is also said to bring peace & happiness into the lives and homes it occupies. It can be used in love spells for those who seek love or financial prosperity through magical means but only if they are willing to wait patiently until fate brings them together as a couple (and not anytime sooner)…

Emerald is also known by many witches & voodoo priests/priestesses in their spells for attracting love and financial prosperity. It helps people find soulmates who will live happily ever after if one believes deeply enough that fate would bring them together sooner or later through the stone itself…

Emeralds are also known as stones of psychic abilities & telepathy.

Healing virtues of the Emerald

The emerald stone is one of those that are considered to be lucky, as it’s attributed with healing qualities. This precious stone was worn by Cleopatra when she became Queen and its importance in Egyptian culture can still been seen today due to their high quality minerals being used for making jewelry pieces from this gemstone which is now becoming increasingly popular as a gift item, particularly because it’s also linked with the planet of Venus. The reason why you may not have heard much about them before could be that they were very expensive to buy in earlier times due to their being mined far away and transported from distant lands where most people didn't possess enough wealth for this stone, only royals had access too it as a gift of love or simply through trade.

You should keep one eye on the colouration when you’re looking at emeralds because if they are slightly green colored then these will be classified as low quality and may even have flaws that can make them less valuable, although in terms of healing qualities it doesn't necessarily mean this.

The gemstone has long been associated with good fortune; the Roman historian Pliny mentioned its magical abilities to keep people from harm’s way - if you were struck by an arrow or hit someone else accidentally then they should put their emerald ring on a finger, and it would protect them as it was supposedly infused in this gemstone with a spirit that kept the wearer safe. This is why the stone can still be found used today when making jewelry pieces for those who are born under the star sign of Taurus; its healing quality means you should never buy one and then throw it away because if your heart isn't in giving this gift to someone special, they will feel hurt.

This stone was believed by some people centuries ago (and many still do) that wearing an emerald would bring love or even marriage luck into their life; if there’s a diamond ring then the one you are looking for may be able to propose and this is due to its being associated with Venus, who has connections between beauty, luxury items such as jewelry pieces made from precious metals like gold which can make someone feel richer when they wear them. The stone in turn was used by those born under the star sign of Scorpio.

What planet rules Taurus personality?

Taurus is ruled by the Planet Venus, according to Astrology.com's "Planetary Rulers of Sign." Venus also holds influence over Tuesday and Libra zodiac signs as well in astrological circles. The planet Venus rules marriage ceremonies for Muslim couples who marry each other under their own terms, according to Hinduism Today magazine's January 2014 article by Anil Gupta titled "Venus Ruling the Universe."

In Western culture, Taurian people are known as being stubborn and possessive. The planet Venus rules over earthly possessions in astrology circles; hence why Taurians tend to be so attached emotionally (and perhaps physically) with their belongings during life on Earth's surface plane of existence, Astrolabe magazine notes regarding the Taurian personality type.

The planet Venus rules over marriage ceremonies for Muslim couples who marry each other under their own terms in Hinduism Today article titled "Venue Ruling Universe," according to Anil Gupta's January 2014 piece on that topic. Taurians, or people born during the Taurus zodiac sign period between April 7 and May 5 each year, are known for their loyalty in marriage relationships, as noted by Astrolabe magazine when discussing planetary rulers of various personality types: "When a Venue-ruled Taurean marries his beloved he does so with the intention to stay together forever."

What are the strengths of Taurus personalities?

Taurus is one sign that seems to have it all. Aside from being lucky and having good fortune, Tauruses can be seen as wealthy due to their strong financial status. They also tend to lead stable lives which makes them appear more mature than others around the same age or at least seem like they are on a higher social level compared with other signs in astrological charts of people who were born under any sign (but not Taurus).

Taureans often have very strong minds due to their mental stamina. They also tend to be quite smart and make better use of it than some signs that are supposedly more intelligent but simply lack the initiative or even intelligence itself which can lead others astray, such as Virgo for example (another sign known as having great potential).

Taureans often have a reputation in Western culture due to their strong physical statures and good looks. They tend not only be handsome people on average but also possess healthy body structures with very little fatigue that may come from the aggressive nature of other signs like Aries for example.

Taurus can appear as quite funny, jovial and sarcastic. They tend to be wittier than many people around them in their environment which makes it seem like they have a higher status simply due to the fact that others envy or admire their comicalness for example (which is something all signs may aspire to).

In general Taurus can appear as quite wealthy and lucky because of its financial success. This also tends to come from great opportunities which other people around them such Virgos tend not always get due simply by the nature that they are too uptight for example (their arch-enemy).

Taureans often have a reputation in Western culture as being rather aggressive and ruthless. They seem to be quite determined, confident individuals which many people admire but also envy or even fear them due simply the fact that they tend not only achieve great things on average (which makes others want their lifestyle) unlike Scorpio for example.

In general Taurus can appear as quite wealthy and lucky because of its financial success. This also tends to come from good opportunities which other people around them such Virgos.

How do Taurus behave in love and friendship?

Taureans are the opposite of Cancerians. They are not sentimental nor moody: they have their ups, but also their downs; life is a process for them rather than an illusion or dreamy visionary experience - like all other Earth signs who represent material realities (or earthly substances).

They take time to understand and get interested in what others are saying. In fact people born under this sign can be considered as having the longest period of adjustment needed before being able to express themselves clearly, which makes them appear more reserved than their natural character would suggest - but once they do speak up it is usually worthwhile!

Taureans never forget a kindness or favor done for them: if you are in trouble and need help from someone who has not been particularly nice before (or vice versa), beware of being let down by this sign, which will go to great lengths to prove themselves worthy friends. This is because Taurians feel that they have an obligation towards others' happiness - something very much connected with their own feelings and emotions: a kind personality who is always willing to listen if needed, never criticizing or belittling his/her partner in crime (as long as there are no obvious mistakes being made).

Once Taureans feel safe enough they will be ready for more adventurous activities - provided these do not come from the wrong side of their chart. If things have to go right then this sign is often at hand, but if they don't please get out and avoid them like a plague! Once committed to some cause or project that Taurians feel strongly about it will be very hard for anyone else (or even themselves) to stop him/her from achieving their goals - unless the Sun in Taurus is placed right on top of his Venus, as this sign's worst enemy: a combination which can push them into becoming too possessive and jealous with regard to loved ones.

If they do not have an active side then Taurians are more likely than any other Earth signs (except Virgo) to become very lazy indeed - though they may appear lively enough for others, as long the things go their way! Indeed if you want someone who will make sure that all is fine and dandy at work or elsewhere in your life just find a Taurean with an active Sun.

What are some common weaknesses of Taurus?

Taurus is often described as stubborn and possessive. Some people might also say that Tauruses can be lazy, apathetic or have poor memories because they forget important events very easily.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and therefore it can be stagnant at times. It also has the potential to become overly stubborn or lazy when there's no challenge presented before them; their energy is best harnessed with tasks that will truly test this sign’s strengths in its most positive form—things like hard work, building things and finding meaningful ways of making a difference.

When we look at Taurus from an astrological perspective it's clear to see why they would be prone to become complacent when not pushed outwardly; their planet Venus is in retrograde motion currently (and will remain so until April 16th), and therefore it’ll take a lot of extra effort on behalf of Tauruses everywhere for them keep themselves from slipping into laziness, stagnancy or lewdness.

To stay outwardly focused without succumbing to the pulls that lead you away in other directions during this time is no easy task; Venus will remain retrograde until April 15th when it finally finishes its dance with Saturn (its shadow period) before beginning a new cycle of inspiration and creativity. In fact, Astrology King's guide to dealing with Tauruses’ natural tendencies during this time can be found here; however the following are some common weakness that may arise as Venus retrogrades through your sign (or birth chart) between now until April 16th.

The first of these weaknesses is a general lewd behavior and/ or lack of discipline when it comes to money. If you’ve ever been in the company of someone who just can't seem to stop spending, especially if they also display extreme indecisiveness with regards to how their financial affairs are run—then Venus retrograde may be a contributing factor for this behavior pattern; which is why it would behoove them now more than any other time (especially those of you who have Venus prominent in your chart)to start being mindful about saving some money and practicing discipline when making purchasing decisions.

How can Taurus overcome their weaknesses?

The following are the characteristics of Taurus according to Western Astrology. They do have some good points and also areas they need work on! It’s important not just what you read, but how it is written too…

Taurean strengthens:

  • Focus upon a goal; (2nd House), rather than simply aiming for an overall objective of ‘success.’ As long as we keep our eye on the ball we will get there. This should not be viewed negatively, but more in terms that to work with your eyes open means you must avoid getting blindsided!
  • Their strongest asset is their ability; (2nd House), they are able-bodied and generally very healthy too… a lot of them have great stamina. This should not be viewed negatively, but more in terms that to work with your eyes open means you must avoid getting blindsided!
  • They tend towards selfishness; (1st House), which is also called ‘ambition.’ In the right hands it can actually become a strength when they learn how to combine their own wants and desires alongside those of others too. This should not be viewed negatively, but more in terms that…
  • The way you get things done; (1st House), involves your natural ability towards being strong-willed as well. So if Taurus has a great will power then they can do something about it! As long as we keep our eye on the ball we are bound to be successful in time, so let’s not knock people for trying too hard…
  • You have quite an active imagination; (1st House), which is always useful since you tend towards being practical. They actually need some imaginative ideas because they do want their lives to get better and if that means dreaming things up then this can be a strength! This should not simply mean just daydreams though… we must try hard for our goals too or else, like the Taurus man who is sitting in his house waiting for his wife’s cooked dinner it will never come true.
  • Your best quality; (1st House), according to Western Astrology would be your ability towards having a practical outlook on things. You are able-bodied and generally very healthy too… Taurus is known for being great at sports.

How does Taurus behave in conflicts within a relationship?

Taureans need stability, which is why they value loyalty and fidelity so much. They take relationships seriously, are emotionally sensitive creatures who feel things very deeply; they can be sentimental too! Loyal to the point of blindness or being easily deceived by others’ sweet talk, Taurians have a great need for affection and will never forget their partner's kind deeds.

Taurean men love women as much as the woman loves them: in this case they can be very jealous! They like to feel safe within themselves but they also value mutual trust between partners; if one of you betrays that faith, then it is a great deal more difficult for Taurians to get back on track. If someone hurts their feelings or abandons them emotionally...

Taurean women are just as demanding when in relationships with others (particularly men): if they feel neglected by their partner at any time, then this can have a very damaging effect and cause deep resentment. These women need to be loved without prejudice or restrictions; they like being pampered!

The Taurean personality type is generally highly reliable thanks in part due to the fact that these people are naturally conservative: if they’ve made up their mind about something then it will remain fixed until proved otherwise. This means you can count on them, especially during times of crisis or danger because nothing really fazes this sign!

What are some common traits of Taurus in friendships?

The Taurus is a steady and reliable friend. They're known for being loyal to their friends, but they might not always be the most sociable people out there -- especially when it comes time to make new acquaintances themselves! But once you become close with this friendly sign (they tend to hang around in groups), then your friendship is something that will last a lifetime.

They will always tell you the truth - whether it hurts or not. You can have many different people's opinions about your personality, but no one gets to change that and they better be ready for a fight when trying to do so!

Taureans can be stubborn, opinionated and inflexible. Taurus is a fixed earth sign that represents the bull or oxen animal kingdom for which it takes its name. They like to hang around with friends who share their values and belief systems but are also willing.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. This means that Taurans have their own style and approach to things, but when they do want something done it will be very much on your terms! They don’t like being changed or made uncomfortable by anyone; this goes for friendships too.

What are some tips for dating a Taurus?

Taurus's (April 20 - May 19) have the reputation of being moody and stubborn, but these traits make them more charming than annoying. Talk to one on an intellectual level; discuss movies or politics while eating at his favorite restaurant are great ways to win a Taurus's heart! If you want a good first impression be sure not talk about yourself too much and don’t brag (Taurus can get jealous). And above all, never make them feel like their life is falling apart around them.

If you want to date someone born under the sign of Taurus, it helps if they like good wine and gourmet food. The element associated with their astrological symbol is Earth; this means that the people who have been tagged as belonging in this category are practical beings whose lives revolve around material things such as clothes or cars.

It also pays to date someone born under Taurus if you want a long-term commitment, because they're known for their loyalty and dedication once they find the right partner with whom they can share their life journey. If your relationship doesn't work out in time though it won’t be due to them having been unfaithful; instead, Taurus will stick by you through thick or thin as long as there is hope for a brighter future down the road together.

Astrologers have associated this zodiac sign with dates between April 20 and May 19. If your date of birth falls under these parameters it means that they are born during Spring; their elemental pairing astrologer match is Earth, which makes them practical beings whose lives revolve around material things such as clothes or cars.

Taurus people have a very good sense for fashion and trends. If you're looking to date someone who will dress well but not necessarily spend too much on themselves then this may the sign for you; they are also known to like beautiful jewelry, watches, pens (yes really) or even cars.

They value stability in a relationship because their elemental pairing astrological match is Earth which makes them very loyal beings. This means that if your date of birth falls under the time frame mentioned above then you will likely have a long-term commitment; they're known for being steadfast companions once they find someone with whom to share their life journey.