Birthstones by Month

There are various Birthstone charts by month. The current table using in the United States traces its history since 1912. This list is a result of the efforts of the American National Association of Jewelers, who decided to standardize the gems by their appropriate months. We showcase below the list of birthstones according to this classification. However, there is also a contemporary chart dated 2016. But there presented few improvements compared to the previous version. The British chart started its history in 2013. In fact, this table is almost equal to both American lists. Hindu list contains some differences. But this is due to the Oriental custom.

Please, choose your stone according to the month of birth. We prepared the extended data on the subject of your favorite gem. If your gem is not present in this list, please use the appropriate section of precious or semi-precious stones to find your alternative birthstone.

Birthstones Chart by Month

January Birthstone January — Garnet

February Birthstone February — Amethyst

March Birthstone March — Aquamarine & Bloodstone

April Birthstone April — Diamond

May Birthstone May — Emerald

June Birthstone June — Pearl, Alexandrite & Moonstone

July Birthstone Jule — Ruby

August Birthstone August — Peridot

September Birthstone September — Sapphire

October Birthstone October — Tourmaline & Opal

November Birthstone November — Topaz & Citrine

December Birthstone December — Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite

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