Birthstones By Zodiac

Aries Birthstone

The Aries birthstone is the diamond, which represents clarity, truth, and vision. Other stones that are associated with Aries include bloodstone, aquamarine, topaz sapphire, and jasper. However, it's important to note that some sources also mention aquamarine as a birthstone for March and diamond as a birthstone for April.

The diamond is a solid form of carbon and is one of the most sought-after gemstones in the world. It means clarity, truth, and vision which makes it a perfect match for the honest and ambitious Aries. Diamonds help boost confidence, internal strength, enhance relationships that promote a healthy lifestyle, limit …

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Taurus Birthstone

Emerald is the birthstone for Taurus. Emeralds are a very beautiful gem stone, but they also have interesting properties that make them unique from other stones as well. Some of these include: enhancing memory and recall; improving one’s financial situation/generating wealth (for those who aren't in it already!); protection against envy or greed.

It is known to open the heart chakra, which brings joy & inner peace through unconditional love for self as well others.

Historically Emerald were thought to be able to see into other realms/dimensions and was considered a stone of clairvoyance; It’s also used in protection from …

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Gemini Birthstone

The primary birthstone for Gemini is Pearl, which has a rich history as one of the most desirable and valued gems in all antiquity. The pearls mentioned here are not those cultivated oysters or mussels but rather gem-quality saltwater round ones that were found on beaches (thus their Latin name "margaritifera").

Pearl is still treasured as one of the most precious stones, especially in India and China. In ancient times people believed pearls are formed when oysters or mussels captured a piece of jewelry that was accidentally dropped into bodies of water by someone wearing it. As such they were …

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Cancer Birthstone

Ruby is a birthstone for Cancer. Ruby is July’s Birth Stone and it also considered to be the stone of King Solomon in old stories from India, which means that its value has always been high among people who valued wealthy gemstones.

The colorless version (corundum) was popularly called “gadolinium”, named after a chemist Jöns Jacob Gahn or simply as spinel until 1806 when it became known by the name of its chemical composition ruby, from Latin: rubeus = red).

The ancient Sanskrit literature mentions rubies and corundum-stones in connection to Vedic India (Hindustan) – India’s mythology was based on …

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Leo birthstone

The birthstone for Leo is Peridot, which comes in a wide variety of styles and colors. Its name derives from the Latin word "peridotum" meaning "coming up." Ancient Arabian sailors believed that peridots were falling stars!

Crystallographic studies led to the discovery that olivine crystals exhibited pleochroism, which is a property of certain minerals (like tourmalines) whereby they appear in different colors depending on how light strikes them. This was first recognized by Mohs and Strongin during their microscopic studies into peridot gemology from the early 20th century through to modern times!

It's a lovely stone that symbolizes leadership, confidence …

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Virgo Birthstone

The birthstone for Virgo is Sapphire. It’s the stone of truth and purity, wisdom and inner strength. Sapphires are found in a wide variety of colors: blue sapphires (the most common), greenish-blue, pink or red corundums that have been heated to change their color; violet stones with inclusions, which were once thought by some people to be indicators of bad luck but are now considered good fortune.

In the past sapphires had a reputation for bringing wisdom and knowledge: they’re said to increase your intelligence when you wear them! In fact ancient Greeks used blue gemstones in their drinking vessels, …

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Libra Birthstone

There are two primary birthstones for Libra Tourmaline and Opal. Depending on your vision you can pick any of them. We just want to provide you the most exhaustive date about both of them to assist with your choice.

Libra Birthstone can help with a better understanding between partners, which could lead into a healthier marriage. Libras have natural leadership qualities and this stone will only enhance that.

It is said to be beneficial for relationships in general since it encourages the owner’s ability to communicate clearly without creating unnecessary conflict or discord among peers as well as family members! …

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Scorpio Birthstone

The birthstone for Scorpio, November's sign, is the Topaz. In ancient Egyptian mythology it was believed that this gem would strengthen one’s connection to Ra—the Sun God and pharaoh of all known antiquity in Africa prior to his unification with Osiris as Horus around 1300 BCE or later! The name Topaz is derived from the Sanskrit language meaning "to seek” for its alleged power over those who wear it—as well as a stone that protects them on their quest.

Topaz was considered an excellent talisman against sorcery in ancient times, allowing one to escape or deflect evil intentions and manipulations …

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Sagittarius Birthstone

Why Turquoise was chosen as a primary birthstone for Sagittarius?

The birthstone for Sagittarius is Turquoise and this gemstone can be found in many different colors; from the classic blue-green, to a light minty hue. This stone has been revered since at least 500BC when it was used by Sanskrit writings as both an ornamental jewelry item for royals like Cleopatra and also a healing tool in Ayurvedic medicine…

This stone is associated with the planet Jupiter, which represents wisdom. Turquoise is thought to protect from misfortune while helping one become more positive! This gemstone was used by Native Americans …

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Capricorn Birthstone

The birthstone for Capricorn is Garnet. Garnets are generally referred to as a dark red stone, but in fact they come in many different colors including green and black…and all gem quality garnet crystals have at least some iron or chromium ions within them (iron being the main component). Red garnet is very rare.

There are five major varieties of this mineral: Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartite, Rhodolith and Andraditen…the two most common types in use today have been used since antiquity – almondinne (reddish brown to bluish black) and pyropiense.

Garnets are stones of ambition that gives energy for success and …

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Aquarius Birthstone

The birthstone for Aquarius is Amethyst, which represents peace and tranquility.

The stone of amethyst has long been associated with mysticism in many cultures as a protector against evil forces or the “evil eye”. It also helps to focus your attention on what you want instead of dwelling too much about things that do not matter.

Amethyst is believed by some people who are knowledgeable about crystals and their properties, to have healing powers especially for mental fatigue as it stimulates the crown chakra (where thoughts originate) and calms down excessive thinking processes..

Amethyst has also been associated with intuition. …

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Pisces Birthstone

The birthstone for Pisces is Aquamarine and this gemstone was chosen by the ancient Romans to symbolize hope. It has always been thought of as a stone that can enhance communication with its energies, bringing love and friendship between those who share its blue beauty.

The most valuable aqua marines are generally called “water” (because they feel cooler than other stones), the color being an opaque sea-blue. The name comes from Latin – AQUA MARINUM, which translates to Water of Sea and is a reference to their marine origin.

Aquamarines are some of the most beautiful gemstones to behold, with …

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