Capricorn Birthstone

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The birthstone for Capricorn is Garnet. Garnets are generally referred to as a dark red stone, but in fact they come in many different colors including green and black…and all gem quality garnet crystals have at least some iron or chromium ions within them (iron being the main component). Red garnet is very rare.

There are five major varieties of this mineral: Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartite, Rhodolith and Andraditen…the two most common types in use today have been used since antiquity – almondinne (reddish brown to bluish black) and pyropiense.

Garnets are stones of ambition that gives energy for success and is known as the “stone of kings”…and was referred by some cultures in history to be used on battlefields or worn during war times, perhaps because it instills courageousness (possibly also due to its association with Mars). In fact Garnets were once considered a talisman for protection against evil thoughts and astral influences.

Garnet is the “stone of truth”…and therefore was used in history as an aid during legal matters, including trials or court cases – it makes one more courageous by bringing out honesty (the stone’s name comes from a Middle English word meaning “pomegranate”, because like that fruits seeds are the mineral of truth). In ancient Egyptian culture they were worn as protective charms against evil and negativity, in fact Garnet is still referred to by some modern day cultures (such as Pagan Wiccan groups) who see them as protection stones.

In Medieval Europe it was thought that wearing a garnet would cause the wearer’s heart or soul to open like this stone does when exposed to light, therefore giving courage and strength…Garnet is also still referred by some modern day cultures (such Pagan Wiccan groups) who see them as protection stones.

The garnet, or pyrope has long held special significance in many cultures around the world and is a symbol that embodies eternal friendship as well as loyalty; it represents truthfulness too - you really can't ask for more than this from any gemstone! In fact if we look at ancient literature like Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Garnet was thought to be the stone of Pyramus in particular and thus a symbolic link between him and his beloved Thisbe.

The name also means ‘the gift’ so as you can see this is one gemstone that certainly has its fair share of romanticism about it! The garnets are also said, according to many sources including the Ancient Egyptians who used them in jewelry designs dating back 600BC - to encourage healthy blood flow and circulation. This is a particularly important fact when we consider that our veins do indeed carry blood around us but they don't all run at right angles, like say an electric cable with multiple runs off it; rather in the human body (as well as animals) there are arteries which transport oxygenated and deoxygenates blood away from the heart then back again to be re-circulate around our organs. Therefore if we do not keep these pipelines flowing properly, we will suffer for it!

Garnets are known as a stone for healer’s and teachers who seek clear thinking, balance in life energies and knowledge of past lives! They provide us with an understanding that we need to focus on our own personal power rather than allowing others influence over it. By focusing your attention away from those whom you have given the authority to control aspects within yourself (ie: parents/spouses), Garnet will help bring about a change in how one thinks, feels and perceives oneself!

Why Garnet was chosen as a primary birthstone for Capricorn?

Astrologically Garnett has been associated with Capricorn the goat people born between December 21 - January 19. It's believed that these individuals are lucky as they were said to have a deep inner strength allowing them to overcome any obstacle in their path and reach great heights or depths of success.

Garnet is the stone of deep devotion. It has long been associated with purity and constancy, hence its value in marriage charms and engagement rings since Medieval times when it came to Europe from India along spice routes or by caravans across Central Asia where garnets were used as beads on trade goods.

Garnett is a name given to red gemstones such as the ritualized variety of crystal mica, spinel and pyrope (a dark-red almandine). The stone varies in color from light pinkish brown through orangey yellow up to deep crimson or purple. Red garnet has been used since Roman times for bloodletting devices; it is also the birthstone of January, along with Sapphire and Amethyst (see listings below)

The history behind Garnet: According to legend when Noah landed his Ark in Asia Minor after rescuing all manner of life from its destruction by flood he was offered a cup made out of solid gold. However the old man refused it preferring instead two red garnets set in silver and this is why these precious stones are associated with purity since they symbolize Christ's blood, which alone cleanses us all to be members in His Church.

Red Garnett as a gemstone has long been used by ancient civilizations such the Egyptians where it was known for its healing properties. Red Spinel is mentioned numerous times throughout history, while Pyrope Almandine is found especially on Etruscan graves and tombs in Rome since Roman times through to Byzantine Empire.

Garnet jewelry has been worn since ancient times by priests, bishops & popes throughout history. The stone is also mentioned numerous time during Bible days when it was referred as ruby meaning "red" which came from Sanskrit word 'ratna' translated to English means gemstone or precious stones.

The history of Garnet

Garnet is a name given to the species and varieties of almandine, pyrope and spessartite group (pyroxenes) in the corundum family. It was named for Pomona’s garland or wreath, since it has been used as an amulet against bad luck since Roman times.

Garnet is one of the most popular gemstones on Earth and also very common among others to wear a piece of jewelry in their earlobes. Garnett can be found everywhere but especially where there are rocks, including Canada’s Northwest Territories (North America) located at the Red Lake mine site south east mineral district which is one of world's largest sources and producers for many years .

Garnet gemstones have been around since early civilization.

They were used by ancient Egyptians to signify eternal love, while in Persia they symbolize victory against enemies. It was also very important during the middle ages era; wherein knights would wear them as protection from harm and misfortune due to its protective nature which is still up for debate until this day since it varies among different gemstones belonging within a certain species or variety, such Garnet gems like almandine (which has the highest hardness rating) have more of an advantage when compared with pyrope and spessartite varieties.

Garnet was initially discovered in India where they believed Garnets had healing powers since ancient times; these beliefs were passed down through generations and still continue today among Indian culture, as well as African-American slave trade historians (1). In fact, one of many historic records about this stone is that during the early 20th century in India it was used to treat “heart diseases” whereby crushing a piece into powder form. Garnets were also thought to have magical powers and properties such as protection from evil spirits (1). Thus, Indians associated themselves with the healing benefits of this stone – probably why they use them for religious ceremonies even today!

Besides its original Indian roots that make it a holy gemstone; Garnets were also found in ancient Egyptian tomb paintings and hieroglyphics depicting King Tut. In addition, according to the Smithsonian magazine, “Garnet has long been associated with warriors. It was used as an amulet or talisman for courage by knights during medieval times” – perhaps why it is still widely worn in military uniforms today! Garnet gemstone jewelry remains one of our most popular styles throughout the year, especially among customers who want a stone that has been traditionally associated with strength and protection.

When selecting which type or color to wear; some important things you should consider are cultural belief systems (like India wherein this is an ancient healing gemstone) as well as your personal tastes! In addition, wearing the wrong kind of Garnet can have adverse effects – if it’s too weak for what you need protection against and vice versa. That said; make sure to use our Gem Selector tool before making a purchase decision on which gemstone is right in color & strength level for your needs!

The history of Garnet gemstone in the Middle Ages was closely associated with that of rubies. It is believed to be one and same stone, though there are clear differences between ruby's color tone (red) which comes from the chemical composition being made up by chromium ions while garnet stones shade has been due to its crystal structure or lattice spacing configuration; thus it was not until late in history when two different gemstones were recognized.

Garnet in the mythology

Garnet in the mythology of many cultures is a stone that symbolizes love and relationships. It was believed to have strong powers over matters relating to sexuality, fertility, attraction between people as well as purification and healing powers for both physical body & soul.

Garnets were used by Romans soldiers in the first century A.D., who carried them during battle believing that they would bring success on their side. They also believed it could keep them from harm’s way, while keeping them safe as well!

Garnet in the mythology, folklore and history of many countries around world.

Garnet was a valuable gemstone for thousands of years. It is mentioned several times by ancient historians such as Herodotus (5th century BCE), Pliny The Elder ,(1st CE) Strabo,(2nd Century AD). Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics describe garnets, and the famous “Roman Legionaries” also wore them. In fact Roman soldiers were paid in gems rather than coins from approximately 40 BC until around 365 ACE when they began to be used again as a military payment system by Constantine I The Great (271- 289 CE). They are mentioned briefly, but favourably ,by St. Jerome in his "Letter To Paulinus."

Garnets were also popular with the ancient Sumerians who wore them on their necks and wrist as talismans to protect from evil spirits or demons (which they called “Shamash”). The name Shammas is probably a variant of Sumers, referring back directly to their origins in Mesopotamia.

Garnets were also very popular with the ancient Egyptians who prized them for use as gemstones and jewellery (especially pendants) which was worn by pharaohs such Tutankhamun, Seti I , Khufu of Dynasty 4.

Garnet has been used in religious ceremonies since ancient times but is particularly associated with the Christian religion because it represents Jesus’ blood and sacrifice: “He shall sprinkle many nations” (Hebrews X12 v9). The garner gem was therefore worn as a talisman to protect against evil. In fact, for this reason its name has come into use in English meaning 'protection'. Garnet is the birthstone of January and also used by some Christians to signify Christ’s blood (as mentioned above).

Apart from being very popular with royals throughout history they were worn especially as amulet charms, such as those found at Ur: “the king wore a necklace...inlaid in silver made up of eight triangular garnet disks” which suggests it was to be used for protection.

Magical virtues of the Garnet gemstone

It is a talisman that enhances life energy, stimulates creativity and encourages confidence in any situation by enabling you to think logically rather than emotionally. It can promote positive feelings towards yourself or others. The stone also gives protection against negatively charged situations.

Garnet has been used since the times of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs who would often wear it as a symbolic jewelry piece due to its strong healing powers in many forms, such as an amulet; hence their use in pyramids for embalming purposes and burial rituals.

It was one the most highly valued gems of Antiquity thanks to this unique color that gives it a very special radiance! It is believed to have been revered by pharaohs themselves, since it occurs naturally as a transparent stone with bright red-purple hues or in some cases deep red.

Garnet gemstones are typically oval shaped stones of many different colors ranging from greenish to light brown and more commonly found between violet/red color combinations due to the presence of Manganese. However, this is not always true since it can also appear as a transparent stone with no particular hues!

Garnets are generally classified into two main groups depending on their composition: The Hessonite and Pyrope group that occurs naturally in many different colors such as deep red/purple (Almandine) or the light brownish green stones often found among citrines. On another hand, we have Andradites which are also known to occur naturally with a violet hue!

Garnets were discovered on ancient lands where Egyptians lived in their earliest days and they would use it as an amulets due its ability of absorbing negative energy around them by enabling people wear this gemstone. Its natural healing power was believed that the stone could draw out poison, improve blood circulation; relieve painful inflammations etc…

Since then these powerful crystals have been revered for their magical virtues and were associated with protection against negativity as they are known to be very positive stones due to its ability of absorbing negative energy by allowing a person wear it. It is believed that this gemstone will protect him/her from all sorts dangers such as evil or maleficent.

Healing properties of the Garnet gemstone

Healing properties of the Garnet gemstone include treating depression, strengthening your immune system and protecting you from negativity. This stone is also believed to have positive effects on your heart in helping it regulate its rhythm more efficiently while improving circulation throughout all layers within this important organ as well.

Garneous garnets (almandine variety) were first found by the ancient Egyptians during Cleopatra’s reign where these gemstones have been cherished for over 3,000 years due to their beautiful coloring and healing properties that would come in handy when needed.

If you want more of an explanation as to why this stone is referred to by its name Garnet then simply look up the word “garance” meaning pomegranate fruit from which it derives, or alternatively its origin can be traced back thousands and thousand years ago where legends state that a magician took shelter underground within ancient Egypt.

What makes this stone even more special is that it has been said by many ancient cultures to have healing powers with regards to your heart and blood circulation issues along with helping you overcome depression!

The Garnett gemstone has been highly valued throughout history since it is known that Cleopatra used to wear a garnet pendant while she was at Tarsus with Marc Anthony (the lover). Because of this, in ancient times people believed it could increase fertility and also heal infertility problems. In fact today still many women wear garnets to improve their chances during pregnancy; but we must always keep an eye on these expectations because no stone can guarantee anything or take away any illness from our body!

The garnets, like most other gems are believed to have healed wounds since ancient times. They were also considered as a cure for insanity and illnesses in general due to its ability to absorb negative energies from around it which makes them highly effective protection amulets against malevolent spirits, demons or even nightmarish thoughts of the owner if wearing one inside his/her house.

It is also believed that garnets have healing properties for all kinds of physical diseases and mental disorders; they are great tools to release negative feelings such as anger, envy etc., since it has a strong vibrational frequency which makes them highly effective protection amulets against malevolent spirits.

In modern times, gemologists associate the healing properties with their chemical composition rather than from any metaphysical sources; they believe that its almandine or spessartite crystal structure absorbs negative energies around it and releases them as beneficial vibrations in form of heat energy.

Garnet is also believed to aid concentration, focus on the task at hand so if you’re having a hard time concentrating during your studies; this stone will surely help you gain some clarity for better study times ahead.

What virtues Garnet gemstone gives its wearer?

Garnet gemstone is associated with the sun. It’s a stone of regeneration and renewal, bringing life back into your relationships, marriage, family or even business partnerships where necessary; it clears away negative energies to help you start fresh again. It also brings good fortune to whoever wears it on his or her wrists, fingers and throat pendants (and even necklaces).

Garnet is the birth stone for those born in January. Garnet is a powerful stone which has been used since the old times to treat many different diseases, it increases sexuality but also promotes friendship among those who wear its rings – this gemstone protects them from envy and jealousness too! It’s said that garnet was brought into Egypt by Asians.

There are even some mythical stories telling us about the history of wearing a ring with emerald stones around it, but today scientists have discovered the origin story which is connected to ancient Africa or South-East Asia; there used to be jewelers from Persia who were using garnet gemstones in their work.

In Europe people began cultivating this stone since 16th century because its price was not that high at those times, but later on it became even more rare which is why many collectors started buying them by paying huge sums of money.

It’s not surprising at all then why this stone was mentioned in Bible: King Solomon had collected thousands and millions upon million pieces to use for his jewelry collection! It seems like he liked it because later on Egyptians began using it as an amulet – they used its protection properties against evil spirits.

What is Capricorn Zodiac Sign?

People born between December 23rd and January 19th are considered to be under zodiac sign Capricorn. In astrology, a person’s birth chart is used to determine the positioning for each house in their life at certain times or phases over time.

Capricorn (♑) represents the goat and it comes 10th among all other signs of zodiac according to Western Astrology. Capricorn are considered one of the most ambitious individuals due to which they try hard in order to reach their goals at any cost but if not succeeded than also don’t give up because they keep on trying again and once more until it gets succeed.

Capricorns are always very determined, goal oriented people so you can expect them to have high work ethics as well while working towards achieving the desired objectives in life.

Who is Capricorn Personality?

Capricornians may seem very serious but in fact, their humor and sense of adventure sometimes are greater than their colleagues who take things more seriously. Capricornians can always find time for a good joke or two since they like funny people around them that make him/her laugh too often so to have some positive energy surrounding themselves at all times; this is why many comedians belong in the Zodiac sign of caprice.

Their ability for humor is something they are very proud off since it makes them stand out from other signs especially Cancerian ones who have a hard time with things being taken too seriously or inappropriately serious around the Capricornians due to their own sense of propriety that can often be misinterpreted as prudishness.

They love working alone, however, this does not mean they are self-centered at all times since they also need a group effort and some teamwork on bigger projects such as organizing events; the only thing is their approach to these tasks might seem very strict while others can see them more relaxing with time passing by in which case Capricornians get tired of things going too smoothly.

They are always ready for anything that comes up since they like being proactive rather than reactive at all times; this leads many people around to expect the same thing from their colleagues but when it does not happen, there is a tendency towards misunderstanding between them and other signs which can sometimes be avoided if Capricornians would put themselves in someone else’s shoes.

Bearing the sign of Saturn, these individuals are known for their patience and ability to achieve goals with a steady mindset. As they have one foot firmly in reality, it’s no wonder that those born under this astrological element take life seriously but still retain an optimistic outlook.

Capricorn Zodiac Sign: What Does It Mean To Be A Cap?

Because of their hard-working personality traits, many consider them to be the most ambitious sign in all zodiacs due largely to this astrological element’s connection with Saturn and its influence. The same planet that brings earthly obstacles into our lives is also known as a teacher who can help us overcome these difficulties through discipline and hard work, which makes Capricorn one of the most dependable signs in all zodiacs…

Because they are known for their ambitious nature (and due to Saturn’s influence), these individuals tend to take life seriously. But even if this astrological element is often the source of such a pessimistic view on things in general, it still retains an optimism that allows them to strive relentlessly for their goals…

What planet rules Capricorn Personality?

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. The sign of the goat, ruled by Saturn and Venus. They have a reputation for being pessimistic realists who are hard-working, determined characters that will climb to great heights in their careers if they want something bad enough! More on what it’s like to be born under Capricorn…

The Zodiac Sign of the Goat is one which has a lot more depth than meets the eye. Yes – they can seem hard and unfriendly, but really that's due in part to their need for independence as well as being overworked! They are highly-organized people with high levels of creativity who will work very long hours if necessary (see also Sagittarius).

For those born under this sign, you’re highly-organized and responsible people who really want to get things done! You can seem quite reserved (as well as stubborn) at times.

Once Capricorn sets their mind on something though they will be very successful in achieving what they set out for - but only if it's worth the hard graft involved…

The sign of Saturn is one which believes that you really have to work towards your goals, and there’ll always come a time where Capricorn Personality can become stubbornly determined about something.

They are very goal-oriented people who aren’t going to let anything stand in their way!

The sign of the Goat is ruled by Saturn - which represents authority figures such as teachers, professors and older colleagues at work. These types are usually quite hard working (especially if they're employed), focused on reaching those goals while also being highly-organized people who can be rather stubborn when it comes to getting things done!

There is a lot of depth to Capricorn Personality however, and that’s due in part because the sign itself is ruled by Saturn. The planet represents authority figures such as teachers, professors or older colleagues at work – all people who are highly-organized with high levels of creativity! You can seem quite reserved (as well as stubborn) Capricorn Personality but once you set your mind on something though they’ll be very successful in achieving goals.

What are the strengths of Capricorn personalities?

Capricornians, like their fellow earth signs Taurus and Virgo have a strong work ethic. They tend to get things done as they prefer routine jobs that don't change too much but this can also mean being overly pragmatic about life in general which is not always great for creativity or originality of thought!

As earth signs, Capricorns are ruled by the planet Saturn. It might seem surprising therefore to learn that these hard working people don't do so well with a lack of goals and discipline (Saturn) as they can become depressed without something concrete in front of them which is why many tend towards workaholism - this will also be true for your horoscope sign if you are born under Capricorn.

The key to being happy, healthy & successful then really lies on the other end where these same qualities have their positive side! For example it's not always wise or even possible to push yourself too hard at work as this will only lead to burnout so once again you need that balance - and ideally in your own life if Capricornians are also ruled by Saturn.

Their strength is being good with finances, money & material possessions which can be very useful especially for those who were born under Sagittarius like me as this often means having a stable financial base to fall back on when things get tough or life gets more challenging - but again only if you're careful not too go overboard.

The strength of a Capricorn is that they are very ambitious and goal oriented people. Their desire to succeed in life makes them highly motivated, determined & persistent individuals who do not give up easily on whatever task or project it may be!

Capricorn individuals are among the most dependable and dedicated of all signs. You can count on them to be reliable friends who will always come through when you need their help in any way, no matter what it is they have going at work or school (or wherever else). They're usually fairly level headed for someone with as much energy/ambition that capricorns tend...

The strength of a Capricorn is that when the going gets tough & life seems too much, you just need someone who will pick up your slack and carry on with whatever task or project it may be! They're usually very reliable people. Their commitment towards doing things right makes them highly motivated individuals determined to give the world a piece of work that is well done.

What are some common weaknesses of Capricorn personalities?

Their weaknesses are in fact being ruled by Saturn which can make Capricorns extremely strict and pragmatic with themselves & others which is why they don't like to be pushed into things as it makes them feel trapped or restricted! This will also show up if you were born under Capricorn for instance, because the planetary influence of Saturn (which rules both Sagittarius & Cap) means that this sign can have a tougher time than others with change and spontaneity.

In general... Capri personalities are very cold & ruthless - if they can help it! When you're dealing with one who has this as their primary sign then your best bet will be to not come between them and what matters the most. These people like things done right now, so don't keep 'em waiting around for anything... They are driven by a need of completion - sometimes even if they can complete it alone!

How can Capricorn personalities overcome their weaknesses?

They need to use the strengths they have, and it'll help them move forward. When I think about this placement in terms of a chart, you want someone who is going for something but at the same time knows what he wants out of life; that will make him/her happy -- so all these needs must be considered beforehand if one plans to succeed.

Capricorn's greatest strength lies within their ability to focus on achieving goals and desires, which gives them a tremendous sense of purpose in this lifetime (in addition to the drive for material security they share with Taurus). On its own terms Capricorn can achieve great things but only if it is able to bring itself together.

On one hand there's ambition; on another -- patience and humility ----- which are not necessarily strength or weakness, as each of us has our own definitions (and perspectives) about what we consider a positive trait/characteristic versus negative ones for Capricorn: that is where the problem lies.

The goal itself may be incompatible with its inherent traits; and therein lays their greatest challenge -- to overcome these so-called 'weaknesses' (if you will) which really are not weak at all, but rather they reflect a more profound quality within us: our humanity ----- something that Capricorn must keep in mind as it proceeds on its journey.

If one doesn't have a goal or purpose for being alive then life is meaningless but because they may not be able to see beyond their immediate surroundings, Capricorn needs an outside perspective in order to fully realize its full potential.

How does Capricorn personality behave in love and friendship?

They like sexuality, sexually satisfying both partners through sensual massages or kisses on the back of their necks; they can be very original and imaginative in these moments. They do not have a big penis size (average), but it does its job quite efficiently if done with passion!

They are usually friends who like to spend time together, even more than one-to-one meetings. They can be considered as very loyal and reliable characters; they do not often change their best friend because of small differences in behavior or personality... However it is difficult for them to forget a little detail that may seem trivial if you are Capricorns!

They can be quite demanding when they have the opportunity of forming their own family. They like being in charge and making all decisions, but at some point is worth knowing if you want to keep them happy...

Capricorns can be considered as very loyal and reliable characters; they do not often change their best friend because of small differences in behavior or personality.

How do Capricorn personalities behave in conflicts within a relationship?

This zodiac sign is often quite reserved, especially if you're not familiar with them. They don’t tend to talk about their feelings very openly or easily show affection and this can make it difficult for people who haven’t known many individuals from Capricorn long enough in life... It takes time before they become relaxed around a new acquaintance, because at first glance you are just as likely going to meet someone with quite serious demeanor.

This is due mainly to the fact that this zodiac sign makes an effort not let their emotions get involved or affect them during difficult situations (conflicts). Capricorns always try and avoid unnecessary conflicts, because they don’t want confrontations where it isn't necessary at all - in most cases anyway. They would prefer to find other ways of resolving problems instead, rather than having an outburst over a misunderstanding or something like that (they do tend to be quite stubborn by nature).

Capricorns are usually very calm and collected when it comes to conflicts within their relationships - they try hard not show any signs of anger. Their partner will probably have noticed this beforehand, if he/she knows them well enough though as I mentioned in the above paragraph... It is important that Capricorn don't lose control or become emotional during a conflict with someone else because it might be too much for those around him - so try to avoid being overly confrontational.

This zodiac sign isn’t very likely going have any serious problems if they are in a relationship, but you will probably never see them display their feelings as openly and honestly like other signs do (in terms of showing love etc.). When it comes time for Capricorn to express how he/she feels about another person there is no point trying to pressure this zodiac sign into revealing anything. This can make things confusing in a relationship if you don’t know what your partner wants or needs from you (as a couple).

To try and get around these problems Capricorns might want their partners/friends etc., to take the time needed for them - they will usually be happy just spending quality-time together.

What are some common traits of Capricorn personalities in friendships?

Capri's do not like to get too close or intimate with their friends. They find it easier and more natural to be formal around others as opposed to casualness (like the other signs). This makes them seem distant, but actually they are quite private people who don’t let many in on how they really feel inside.

They like a good challenge in friendship; however, being challenged is enough of an obstacle for most Capri's so if you want to be their friend do not take it too seriously and just enjoy each other! They are usually quite conservative people with strict codes against drugs etc., but they can sometimes surprise the world by how far out on a limb or off into space (i.e.-the moon) that they will go for an adventure, so long as there is some logical reason to it and then only if pushed!

Most people who have a close friendship with someone born under the astrological sign Capricorn will find them to be reliable and devoted friends. They can also seem rather guarded about their emotions, however, which may lead others to feel like they are uncomfortable expressing themselves around these individuals.

What makes Capricorns unique as romantic partners? What should people know about dating a Capricorn man/woman if interested in pursuing one? I have been seeing this guy since October. He is now my boyfriend but we are not exclusive, because he is still living with his ex wife.

What are some tips for dating Capricorn?

The best way to handle a relationship with someone born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn is by allowing them their space. While they may not seem like it, once you get past that hard shell and look deeper into this person's life - there will be plenty in common between your lives! They are simply more private than others so don’t take offense if things feel a little slow or uneventful at first – give them space to make their own decisions about where the relationship is going, but show interest with gentle gestures and small actions that you can see they appreciate.

Don't be afraid of taking charge though! If this person seems like someone who needs direction in life - it’s ok for either party to take a stand when needed & make sure your goals are clear between the two if things go south later on down the road, or just need some focus right now – you don't have to be clashing constantly with each other!